Imagine! Hillary Clinton, The First Woman Presidential Nominee Being Told By The Man She Beat, Bernie Sanders, To Adopt His Platform.


Hillary Clinton won 17 Million Votes and 2,795 total Delegates.


Bernie Sanders won 12.5 Million Votes and 1,832 total Delegates.


Yet, Bernie Sanders wouldn’t quit and is still seeking Donations while criticizing Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the Democratic Party. Sanders remain an Independent, but want to reform the Democratic Party.



The FEC issued 639 pages of Bernie Sanders Campaign Violations and his wife, Jane Sanders is under Bank Fraud Investigation in Vermont, but the Media has given Bernie Sanders a free pass as they did with Donald Trump.



Despite all Bernie Sanders promises, he hasn’t released his Tax Returns, except for 7 incomplete pages.


Hillary Clinton has released 33 years of Tax Returns.


We, Democrats, need to push back against Bernie Sanders Back-Stabbing and at the same time keep focused on The GOP Nominee, Con Man, Donald Trump and the disgraceful Republican Party.



Support Hillary Clinton to insure Hillary becomes the 45TH President to continue President Obama’s Legacy, Policies and build on Obama’s Achievements, making America even greater than what it already is.


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BOHRC MAY 24 2016

HRC MAY 23 2016 5


HRC JUNE 18 16 4

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