Donald Trump Didn’t Think It Was Beyond Shame To question President Obama’s Birth Place And Religion; Trump Has Stooped Into The bottom of the Outhouse And He Is now Questioning Hillary Clinton’s Faith.

If you think about it, Donald Trump, human’s lowest denominator, The Bigoted, Fascist, Misogynist, Racist, Bankruptcy Swindler and Certified Con Man, do not possess the credibility to question anyone, period.



And, the Imploding Republican Party has Chosen this Charlatan as their Nominee. This is a man that is proud of stealing and wrecking the lives of so many, by filing 4 Bankruptcies (4.7 Billion Dollars) and is involved in over 3,500 Law Suits, most of them are about, Donald Trump failure to pay his Bills.



Donald Trump to this day has unequivocally refused to release his Tax Returns! What is Trump Hiding?



Hillary Clinton has released 33 years of hers and Bill’s Tax Returns. And yes, the Media and Republicans questions Hillary’s honesty! Amazing isn’t it?



To avoid America falling off the cliff as it did in 2008 at the hands of George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the Republican Congress; we must come together as one Democratic Party and support Hillary Clinton for President, and all of the Down Tickets for the Senate, House and Governors’ Mansions.



With Hillary Clinton in the White House and Democrats controlling both Senate and the House of Representatives, Hillary Clinton will be able to implement Policies that would benefit America and all Americans, not just the people at the top.


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Visit and give Hillary Clinton your undivided support.


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