The Media Continue To Push Their False Narrative In Their Quest For Ratings And Mammon By Equating Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump In The Same Category.

Comparing Hillary Clinton, A Life Time Public Servant, With Donald Trump, A Life Long Racist, Misogynist, Bigot, Fascist, Bankruptcy Swindler, Liar And Crook, Simply Put, Is Deplorable.



The Republican Party is essentially dead, they are just afraid to lie down. The Proof is that of all the Republicans, Donald Trump is their Nominee.



Donald Trump is not an embarrassment to the Republican Party; Trump is an indictment on the Republican Party.



Democrats, just imagine, in November, we can have The Three Most Powerful Women, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren And Nancy Pelosi; Leading Us Into A Great Future.



Let us continue to remain united and Vote Hillary Clinton President and take the Senate and the House of Representatives.



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