Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Michael Bloomberg and prominent Republicans like Meg Whitman have thrown their support behind Secretary Hillary Clinton for the Presidency.


There is no question that there are dangers in America and around the Globe, hence the reason why we need a stable, experienced, knowledgeable hand on the Nuclear Codes and our Military Forces.


Donald Trump has proven that he is the most unstable and unfit person’s to have ever run for the Office of the Presidency. Frankly, many Republicans are only now questioning Donald Trump’s mental state of mind when in fact; Republicans should have done that prior to Nominating Trump as the Republican Nominee.


At least the Election is still close to 100 days away and we as Democrats, Republicans and Independents, still have the time to choose Country Over Party and support Hillary Clinton for President. We know that Hillary Clinton may not be the most excitable Candidate but what we do know is that Secretary Clinton is the “Most Careful And Stable Candidate” to succeed President Obama on January 20, 2017.


Please give Hillary your full support to insure an even better and greater America than we presently have, progressively moving America, Americans and the World forward for better tomorrows for all.


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