Donald Trump’s Accomplishments: 6 Bankruptcies Totaling 4.7 Billion Dollars; 5,500 Law Suits; 169 Federal Law Suits; Fraud Charges For Fake University; Serial Liar And Certified Con Man With Lives Trump Wrecked Along The Way.

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It is beyond comprehension that The Party of Abraham Lincoln that has been taken over by extremists Right Wing Nuts has Nominated Con man, Serial Liar and Bankruptcy King as their Official Nominee for President.


Republicans and their Nominee Donald Trump are embarrassing America Nationally and Internationally. With each passing day, Donald Trump and the Cowards in the Republican Party become more demeaning, promulgating the most outrageous, egregious and pernicious statements.


How could Abraham Lincoln’s Party fall so far from GRACE?


It is perhaps due to Uninformed, Ignorant, Uneducated and Brainwashed Public [GOP VOTERS], Electing People that has no intentions to Govern, except to Conquer and Divide!


Bigotry has caught up with the Republican Party as they now find themselves insisting on Donald Trump that – “Black Votes Matter.”


Vote and elect Hillary Clinton President; Time Kaine Vice President and give President Hillary Clinton a Democratic Senate and a Democratic House.


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