Since Former Secretary Hillary Clinton Wasn’t Confined To Be Hospitalized She More Than Likely Contracted – WALKING PNEUMONIA!



“Walking Pneumonia” sounds like it could be a character in a sci-fi horror flick. Although this form of infectious Pneumonia can make you miserable, it’s actually the least scary kind of pneumonia. That’s because it’s a mild pneumonia and does not generally require hospitalization. You could have walking pneumonia and not even know it.


Here is information about what causes this illness, how it spreads, and what you can do to avoid it.


What is walking pneumonia?


Walking pneumonia is a non-medical term to describe a mild case of pneumonia. It can also be called atypical pneumonia because the disease is different from more serious cases of pneumonia caused by typical bacteria.


Pneumonia is a disease of the Lungs that often results from a Lung infection. Lots of things can cause pneumonia, including:


  • Bacteria, including Mycoplasma, Viruses, Fungi, Other infectious agents Chemicals Inhaled food.


Walking pneumonia is often the result of a lung infection from a bacterial microorganism called Mycoplasma Pneumoniae.


People who have walking pneumonia are seldom confined to bed or need to be hospitalized. Some may even feel well enough go to work and carry on with other regular routines, just as they might with a cold.


The Nefarious Media should stop playing Doctor and ask Real Doctors exactly what type of Pneumonia does Secretary Hillary Clinton have?


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