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President Obama, Russia Hacked, WikiLeaks Leaked, The FBI Shrilled, Republican Governors Suppressed The Votes, Committed Voter Fraud And Your Silence Is Threatening America’s Democracy! Why The Silence Mr. President?

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President Obama you have been an excellent President and those of us that supports you really loves you and care about you because you are a decent caring human being and have literally saved America from the George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the Republican Congress Chaos committed from 2001 through 2008, so we stand with you.


However, we know that you are fully cognizant that Republican Governors Suppressed The Votes and Committed Fraud and Donald Trump’s apparent victory is a result of Republican and Trump’s total dishonesty. What is most difficult for us to comprehend is why you have taken to “total silence” and even stated that the Election was fair?


We are also aware that you do not like confrontation, but Mr. President, this is not just about you; it is about America, The American People and the World. Apart from the Recount under way by the Third Party and Secretary Clinton Campaign that has joined in the Recount, you have the loudest voice.


Mr. Trump’s assertion that “Millions of People Voted Illegally” give you the unequivocal right to actually order an Audit of Trump’s claim as ridiculous as it may be, but Trump’s stupidity opens the door for you to act and act now you must.


Mr. President, your failure to do nothing isn’t going to sit well on the pages of History and you may or may not be aware of this, however, you are too an intelligent of a man, not to know this. And, your intervention to preserve our Democracy even after the Recount Donald Trump does become President, the pages of History will at least say, “President Obama didn’t buckle under Republican Pressure.” If you don’t, the statement will be the opposite, “you buckled.”


We stand with Secretary Hillary Clinton now and forever in this mortal world and beyond. Hillary Clinton has spent her entire adult life doing what is best for America and the world and she deserves the best from us and most certainly the best from you. It is your call!


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Attempting Blackmail Trump Threatens To Prosecute Hillary Clinton If She Pursues An Election Recount; Hillary Clinton Stood Her Ground And Didn’t Back Down!

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By Jason Easley on Sun, Nov 27th, 2016 at 2:44 pm

Trump Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway delivered a threat to prosecute Hillary Clinton if she pursues the recount during an interview on CNN’s State Of The Union.


Full transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:


“And so he said he wouldn’t rule it out. He said it’s just not his focus right now. I think he’s being quite magnanimous and at the same time he’s not undercutting at all the authority and the autonomy of the Department of Justice, of the FBI, of the House Committees, who knows where the evidence may lead if, in fact, it were — if the investigation were re-opened somewhere.


But this is the president-elect’s position right now and I would say he has been incredibly gracious and magnanimous to Secretary Clinton at a time when for whatever reason her folks are saying they will join in a recount to try to somehow undo the 70 plus electoral votes that he beat her by. I mean this — you know, I was asked on CNN and elsewhere, goodness a thousand times, will Donald Trump accept the election results? And now you’ve got the Democrats and Jill Stein saying they do not accept the election results. She congratulated him and conceded to him on election night. I was right there. And the idea that we are going to drag this out now where the president-elect has been incredible y magnanimous to the Clintons and to the Obamas is incredible.


The president doesn’t make decisions on who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t. That is not how our system works. Secondly, Donald Trump isn’t the president yet, so he has no say on what happens. What comes out of Kellyanne Conway’s mouth is usually a direct message from Trump Tower.


Conway was issuing a not so thinly veiled threat to Hillary Clinton. If Clinton’s team continues to assist with the recount, the former Secretary of State may face prosecution. The incoming administration is expressing their willingness to punish anyone who questions or expresses dissent.


If Trump is so confident in the election results, why is he so rattled by this recount?


The overblown reaction coming from Trump and his staff towards the recount might lead one to suspect that they are not as confident in the election results as is being projected publicly. Incoming presidents do not use their staff to issue veiled threats against their political opponents on national television.


Trump’s reaction to the recount and threat to prosecute Hillary Clinton is not normal, and a sign that the incoming administration has an expansive and authoritarian view of executive powers that could represent a grave danger to the civil liberties and freedoms of the American people.”

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Donald Trump Is the Greatest Threat to American Democracy in Our Lifetime

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His lies about voter fraud are a prelude to massive voter suppression.

By Ari Berman


Donald Trump’s tweets yesterday about “the millions of people who voted illegally in 2016” and “serious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California” cannot be dismissed as just another Twitter meltdown from the president-elect. (It goes without saying that Trump’s claims are categorically false.)



His conspiracy theories about rigged elections during the presidential race were meant to delegitimize the possibility of Hillary Clinton’s election. But now that he’s won the election we have to take his words far more seriously. He will appoint the next attorney general, at least one Supreme Court justice and thousands of positions in the federal government. His lies about the prevalence of voter fraud are a prelude to the massive voter suppression Trump and his allies in the GOP are about to unleash.


Unlike his Democratic and Republican predecessors, Trump has little respect for the institutions that preserve American democracy, whether it’s freedom of the press or the right to vote. As I wrote in The Nation recently:



Trump undermined the basic tenets of democracy in ways unseen by any previous presidential nominee. He said he might refuse to accept the outcome of the election if things didn’t go his way; his supporters explicitly called for “racial profiling” at the polls; and his campaign openly boasted that “we have three major voter-suppression operations under way” to reduce turnout among African Americans, young women, and liberals.


Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a front-runner to head Trump’s Department of Homeland Security, has called for precisely this. During a meeting with Trump last week, Kobach brought a “strategic plan” for DHS that advocated purging voter rolls and drafting amendments to the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, presumably to require proof of citizenship, like a passport or birth certificate, to register to vote, which prevented tens of thousands of eligible voters from being able to registerin Kansas. It’s chilling that a top Trump adviser like Kobach views voting rights as a threat to homeland security.



Trump’s chief adviser, Steve Bannon, has even more radical views. According to The New York Times, he “once suggested to a colleague that perhaps only property owners should be allowed to vote.” A co-writer of his on a Reagan documentary told the paper:


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Today’s Journalists Have Become Political Propagandists Whoring For Their Corporate Owned Bosses In The Name Of Avarice For Ratings And Mammon. The Media Is Precariously Silent About The Seriousness Of The Audit And Recount.

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Donald Trump has now claimed that Millions of people voted illegally and this irresponsible statement from Trump makes it more important to Audit and Recount all of the Votes in the Solid Blue Democratic States that went to Trump, all with less than 1% of the Vote. The Corrupt Media that propelled Donald Trump to be temporarily President-Elect, their behavior is most precarious.


Notice how the Media that propelled Con Man Donald Trump To The Republican Nominee and then President-Elect are very silent on the very serious matter of Audit and Recount of the Votes in the Solid Blue Democratic States that has Republican Governors.


The once Independent Media, all of them; 1,500 Television Stations, 9,000 Radio Stations, 2,400 Publishers, 1,500 News Papers and 1,000 Magazines are all Owned By Three [3] Corporations. How does anyone  expect these Money Hungry Parasitic Parasites to care about anything but Ratings that brings them more and more Mammon?


Do you see any constant credible reporting about the Homeless, Hungry, Veterans, Climate Change, or anything having to do with the Truth? No, period!


The Media allowed a known, certified Con Man, Bankruptcy Swindler, Groper, Sexual Predator, Pathological Liar a free pass from the day Donald Trump announced his run for the President of the United States.


The Media was so generous to Donald Trump they allowed him over Two [2] Billion Dollars of free Air Time during the Republican Primaries and they never challenged Trump for the release of his Tax Returns or his Fraudulent University or emphasized that Donald Trump filed Six ]6] Bankruptcies totaling 4.7 Billion Dollars.


Simply put, Sex Scandal, Fraud, Lies and the likes is what makes the Corrupt Corporate Media Money, hence the reason why America now faces the demise from this 70 year old Bag Of Wind With Balls For A Chin.


Americans that truly care about America, please assist in any way possible to see and verify the Audit and Recount of the Votes, because if you do, President Elect Trump will become President Unelected.


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My greatest affliction!

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We can become able masters of the human heart, but only if we allow ourselves to be tutored in the school of “heart-felt” personal experience.


Kings have their troubles; the peasant has his cares; the wayfarer has many hardships; the Captain has his difficulties, and there were times when the dark valleys were too much for me, but thank God, “The Lord was my Shepherd!”


I was also tried in my friends and my counselors; they forsook me! They that ate my bread lifted up their heels against me, but my worst foes were that of my own household; my blood family; but especially my children, they were my greatest affliction.


The temptations of poverty and wealth, of honor and reproach, of health and sickness, all took a toll on me. The trials from without disturbed my peace, and from within, marred my joy. No sooner I escaped from one trial I fell into another; emerging from one season of despondency and alarm, I was again brought into the lowest depths, whilst simultaneously the waves of billows were rolling over me.


At the time, whatever my frame of mind, whatever ecstasy of depression, was the result of emotions propelled by incomprehensible deep hurt. Having been instructed in life’s personal experience, I have matured with God’s grace through the years, and with my Lord’s inexhaustible mercy, He placed me in “Green Pastures.” My soul, let my Lord’s grace continue to cheer and counsel thee,” this day!

Sheriff G Ali


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Sheriff G Ali 2010-2016


Prominent Computer Scientists Urge Clinton Campaign To Demand An Audit Of The Votes In Michigan, Pennsylvania And Wisconsin!

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In The Blue States That Were Called For Donald Trump Including Florida, Trump Won By 1% or Less, Coincidence Or Fraud? I am weighing On The Side Of FRAUD From The Con Man And His Dishonest Republican Governors.


[NY MAGAZINE] “Hillary Clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers to call for a recount in three swing states won by Donald Trump, New York has learned. The group, which includes voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, believes they’ve found persuasive evidence that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked. The group is so far not speaking on the record about their findings and is focused on lobbying the Clinton team in private.


Last Thursday, the activists held a conference call with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and campaign general counsel Marc Elias to make their case, according to a source briefed on the call. The academics presented findings showing that in Wisconsin, Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic-voting machines compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots. Based on this statistical analysis, Clinton may have been denied as many as 30,000 votes; she lost Wisconsin by 27,000. While it’s important to note the group has not found proof of hacking or manipulation, they are arguing to the campaign that the suspicious pattern merits an independent review — especially in light of the fact that the Obama White House has accused the Russian government of hacking the Democratic National Committee.


According to current tallies, Trump has won 290 Electoral College votes to Clinton’s 232, with Michigan’s 16 votes not apportioned because the race there is still too close to call. It would take overturning the results in both Wisconsin (10 Electoral College votes) and Pennsylvania (20 votes), in addition to winning Michigan’s 16, for Clinton to win the Electoral College. There is also the complicating factor of “faithless electors,” or members of the Electoral College who do not vote according to the popular vote in their states. At least six electoral voters have said they would not vote for Trump, despite the fact that he won their states.


The Clinton camp is running out of time to challenge the election. According to one of the activists, the deadline in Wisconsin to file for a recount is Friday; in Pennsylvania, it’s Monday; and Michigan is next Wednesday. Whether Clinton will call for a recount remains unclear. The academics so far have only a circumstantial case that would require not just a recount but a forensic audit of voting machines. Also complicating matters, a senior Clinton adviser said, is that the White House, focused on a smooth transfer of power, does not want Clinton to challenge the election result. Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri did not respond to a request for comment. But some Clinton allies are intent on pushing the issue. This afternoon, Huma Abedin’s sister Heba encouraged her Facebook followers to lobby the Justice Department to audit the 2016 vote. “Call the DOJ…and tell them you want the votes audited,” she wrote. “Even if it’s busy, keep calling.”


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I Ought Not To Dread The Arrival Of Evil Tidings; Because If I am Distressed By Them, What Do I have More Than Others?

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I ought not to dread the arrival of evil tidings; because if I am distressed by them, what do I have more than others? Others have not my God to fly to; they have never proved His faithfulness as I have done, and it is no wonder if they are bowed down with alarm and cowed with fear: but I profess to be of another spirit; I have been begotten unto a lively hope, and my heart lives in heaven and not on earthly things; now if I am seen to be distracted as others, what is the value of that grace which I profess to have received? Where is the dignity I claim to possess?


Again, if I should be filled with alarm, as others are, I would be doubtless, be led into sins so common to others under trying circumstances. The ungodly, when they are overtaken by evil tidings, rebel against God; they murmur, and think that God deals hardly with them. Will I fall into that same sin? Will I provoke the Lord as they do?


Moreover, unconverted people often run to wrong means in order to escape from difficulties, and I will be sure to do the same if my mind yields to the present pressure. I must trust in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. My wisest course is to do as Moses did at the Red Sea, “Stand still and see the salvation of God.”


For if I give way to fear when I hear of evil tidings; I will be unable to meet the trouble with that calm composure which nerves for duty, and sustains under adversity. How can I glorify God if I play the coward? Saints have often sung God’s high praises in the fires; but would I be desponding as if I had none to help?


I magnify the Most High and take courage, relying in absolute confidence upon the faithfulness of my covenant God! “Let not my heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid!”



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President-Elect Groper Con Man In Chief Donald Trump Swamp Gets Murkier With Crooks, Liars, Thieves, Racists, Bigots, And White Supremacists!

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[NYT] “Now that he is president-elect, Donald Trump’s anti-corruption promise to “drain the swamp” of Washington lobbyists and powerful insiders seems to be rapidly dissolving in the swamp itself. An untold number of lobbyists and special interest players have been helping the Trump team’s transition to the White House, their path made easier, according to news reports, by vague and porous ethical standards.


The most mischievous of these is a rule by which applicants merely have to de-register as government lobbyists one day to be ready the next for transition and administration jobs. It’s not hard to imagine a lobbyist taking down his shingle on Monday and joining the Trump team on Tuesday, eager to rewrite government regulations that cover his former clients’ areas of interest.


“I’m calling it the shadow lobbying society,” Paul Miller, president of the National Institute for Lobbying & Ethics, told Politico, the news site, in predicting that more and more lobbyists will de-register if that’s all it takes to join the Trump administration.”


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Donald Trump Was Right, The Election Was Rigged! Rigged For Trump By Republican Governors In Florida, North Carolina, Michigan And Wisconsin; Suppressed The Minority Votes.

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AAAA 64.jpg

In Florida and the Blue States that was called for Donald Trump, in each case Trump won by 1% or less votes. For example, Trump won Wisconsin by 30,000 Votes but Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker “Illegally Implemented Voting Laws” disqualified in excess of 300,000 Votes.


The same situation transpired in other States all run by Republican Governors. This abuse would have never taken place if Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts Right Wing Court did not Void Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act that disabled Section 5.


For those that are not familiar with the Voting Rights Act it was established in 1964 that any State Changes to the Voting Rights Act must be approved by the Justice Department, but by Chief Justice Roberts Voiding Section 4 that disabled Section 5, the Republican Run States implemented Laws that made it difficult, impossible or disqualifying to Minority Voters.


Thus, The 2016 Election was stolen by Republicans with the help of the FBI Director James Comey, Russia and WikiLeaks.


I am a Life-Long Democrat and have and always will fight for “Equal Right For All Under The Law.” However, our Democratic Leaders going back decades and including President Obama and our present House and Senate Representatives, capitulate to easily to the “Despicable, Dishonest, Deplorables,” within the Republican Party.


The most “Unqualified Person Donald Trump” fraudulently won the Presidency over the “Most Qualified Person, Hillary Clinton.”


Donald Trump’s only qualifications are: “Conning People, Dishonesty, Larceny, Pathological Lying, Actually Stealing And Robbing Investors, Contractors and Employees which is Factually Documented and in addition, Donald Trump is one of America’s Most Vocal Racist, Bigot and Fascist. The American Media went after Secretary Hillary Clinton with Vengeance 100% of the time but never really spent even 10% of their Media Time to inform the Uninformed, Ignorant, Uneducated and Brainwashed Americans about the Vulgar Groper, Racist and Fraud Donald Trump really is.


Now, the Media is acting like Mother Theresa when in fact they are the Judases in Sheep Clothing, enablers of their Corporate Bosses Avarice for Ratings and Mammon. America and the World will pay an unbelievable price for the 2016 Election and when Donald Trump is Impeached within the next 18 months to two years, recuperating from Trump’s and his Henchmen’s disaster would most likely be an impossible task.


Donald Trump has broken the Law before he became President-Elect and he is breaking the Law now that he is President-Elect, but Republicans that are in control of both Houses of Congress, never investigates their own.


George Bush and Dick Cheney destroyed 22 Million Emails and used a Private Server, but not one word from Republicans and the Media brushed it aside, however, when it came to Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Republicans, The Media, Some Democrats, Bernie Sander and his Supporters promulgated Hillary Clinton as the most “dishonest person,” when in fact, “Factcheckers” verified that Hillary Clinton is the most “Honest” Politician.”


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Adolf Hitler buttressed by racism wasn’t strong, Germany’s Democracy was weak and the uninformed, ignorant, uneducated and brainwashed propelled Hitler to becoming one of the world’s biggest menaces to society, the same that is now transpiring with Donald Trump and his supporters for full blown White Power.

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AAAA 42.jpg

Donald Trump’s selection of appointments is self evident of where Trump is heading and he is taking America with him.



As of January 20th 2017, Republicans will control the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate and 32 States with Republican Governors.



As much as Democrats are shouting sound and fury, it signifies no resolve in stopping the madness America has fallen into.



The Voting Population at the moment is 72% White, 12% Blacks, 11% Hispanics and 2% other races. With those facts, one must remember that the 2016 Presidential Votes came down to 63% White Men and 52% White Women voted for America’s Biggest Racist, Bigot and Fascist.



Donald Trump is President-Elect because majority of Whites, men and women, educated and uneducated, uninformed and informed, ignorant and intelligent, brainwashed and sane.



The madness of Donald Trump to be President wasn’t a mistake, it was willful on the part of the masses of Whites that voted Trump, the same as the very conscious that put Adolf Hitler in power, costing 63 million lives, before Hitler’s reign came to an end in April 1945.



The decent Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Moslems Asians and others, really need to give serious and thoughtful thinking, as to where we go from here.



Donald Trump’s intelligence is imbedded in dishonesty, larceny and Racism. Trump has zero knowledge of what Governance means.



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