Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts Right Wing Court Voided Section 4 Of The Voting Rights Act Disabling Section 5, Allowed Racist Republican States To Suppress Minority Votes Allowing Racist Donald Trump To Win. RACISM WON!


Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the Election, Racism defeated her with the help of the Right Wing Supreme Court and Racist Republican Governors that Runs 32 of America’s 50 States.


In Wisconsin that is still “uncalled,” shows Trump is ahead of Hillary by 30,000 votes, but Racist Governor Scott Walker New Voting Rules that SCOTUS gave him, Governor Walker purged in excess of 300,000 voters, “All Minority Voters.”


The same story exists in North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan and other States. Donald Trump was right, the system is Rigged, but it isn’t Rigged against Trump, it is Rigged for Donald Trump and “All Racists” Politicians and Voters.


What we can or can’t do about this, I have no answer, but seeing that Republicans will now Control The White House, Senate, House of Representatives and 32 Governorships, they would most certainly stack the Supreme Court that would have severe repercussions for Minorities, Women, Social Services, Race and everything that affects the common man/woman, for Decades To Come.


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