Today’s Journalists Have Become Political Propagandists Whoring For Their Corporate Owned Bosses In The Name Of Avarice For Ratings And Mammon. The Media Is Precariously Silent About The Seriousness Of The Audit And Recount.


Donald Trump has now claimed that Millions of people voted illegally and this irresponsible statement from Trump makes it more important to Audit and Recount all of the Votes in the Solid Blue Democratic States that went to Trump, all with less than 1% of the Vote. The Corrupt Media that propelled Donald Trump to be temporarily President-Elect, their behavior is most precarious.


Notice how the Media that propelled Con Man Donald Trump To The Republican Nominee and then President-Elect are very silent on the very serious matter of Audit and Recount of the Votes in the Solid Blue Democratic States that has Republican Governors.


The once Independent Media, all of them; 1,500 Television Stations, 9,000 Radio Stations, 2,400 Publishers, 1,500 News Papers and 1,000 Magazines are all Owned By Three [3] Corporations. How does anyone  expect these Money Hungry Parasitic Parasites to care about anything but Ratings that brings them more and more Mammon?


Do you see any constant credible reporting about the Homeless, Hungry, Veterans, Climate Change, or anything having to do with the Truth? No, period!


The Media allowed a known, certified Con Man, Bankruptcy Swindler, Groper, Sexual Predator, Pathological Liar a free pass from the day Donald Trump announced his run for the President of the United States.


The Media was so generous to Donald Trump they allowed him over Two [2] Billion Dollars of free Air Time during the Republican Primaries and they never challenged Trump for the release of his Tax Returns or his Fraudulent University or emphasized that Donald Trump filed Six ]6] Bankruptcies totaling 4.7 Billion Dollars.


Simply put, Sex Scandal, Fraud, Lies and the likes is what makes the Corrupt Corporate Media Money, hence the reason why America now faces the demise from this 70 year old Bag Of Wind With Balls For A Chin.


Americans that truly care about America, please assist in any way possible to see and verify the Audit and Recount of the Votes, because if you do, President Elect Trump will become President Unelected.


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