President Obama, Russia Hacked, WikiLeaks Leaked, The FBI Shrilled, Republican Governors Suppressed The Votes, Committed Voter Fraud And Your Silence Is Threatening America’s Democracy! Why The Silence Mr. President?


President Obama you have been an excellent President and those of us that supports you really loves you and care about you because you are a decent caring human being and have literally saved America from the George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the Republican Congress Chaos committed from 2001 through 2008, so we stand with you.


However, we know that you are fully cognizant that Republican Governors Suppressed The Votes and Committed Fraud and Donald Trump’s apparent victory is a result of Republican and Trump’s total dishonesty. What is most difficult for us to comprehend is why you have taken to “total silence” and even stated that the Election was fair?


We are also aware that you do not like confrontation, but Mr. President, this is not just about you; it is about America, The American People and the World. Apart from the Recount under way by the Third Party and Secretary Clinton Campaign that has joined in the Recount, you have the loudest voice.


Mr. Trump’s assertion that “Millions of People Voted Illegally” give you the unequivocal right to actually order an Audit of Trump’s claim as ridiculous as it may be, but Trump’s stupidity opens the door for you to act and act now you must.


Mr. President, your failure to do nothing isn’t going to sit well on the pages of History and you may or may not be aware of this, however, you are too an intelligent of a man, not to know this. And, your intervention to preserve our Democracy even after the Recount Donald Trump does become President, the pages of History will at least say, “President Obama didn’t buckle under Republican Pressure.” If you don’t, the statement will be the opposite, “you buckled.”


We stand with Secretary Hillary Clinton now and forever in this mortal world and beyond. Hillary Clinton has spent her entire adult life doing what is best for America and the world and she deserves the best from us and most certainly the best from you. It is your call!


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