America Is An Ochlocracy Not A Democracy! Witnessing 2016 Election Of Russia Hacking, WikiLeaks Leaking, White House Doing Nothing, Intel Agencies Playing Blind, Republicans Stealing, Corrupt Media Lying For A Con Man And Embezzler, This Is Hypocrisy!

Former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Didn’t Lose; The Presidency Was Stolen From Secretary Clinton By America’s Ochlocracy.


America’s Democracy Is Hypocrisy

Election 2016


America Is Not A Democracy

But It Is An Ochlocracy,

The 2016 General Election

Is An Unequivocal Indictment


An Administration Sat On The Sideline

Intel Agencies Pretending They’re Blind,

As Russia Enhanced Their Hacking

And WikiLeaks Did Putin’s Bidding


US Supreme Court Voided Sec 4 Voting Rights Act

Opening A Fraudulent Republican Track,

The GOP Dishonestly Suppressed The Minority

And Willfully Discarded Mail In Tally


On Election Day November Eight

Con Man Trump Elected To The White House Gate,

As America’s Corrupt Corporate Media

Slaughtered The Qualified Challenger!



History Will Record America’s 2016 Election That Exposed United States Hypocrisy Of Democracy Where Phantasmagoric Rationales And Internecine Narcissistic Deluge Became Facts.

©Sheriff Gerry Ali December 17, 2016


Twitter @sheriffali


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