Vladimir Putin’s Successful Coup d’état On Election 2016 With Assistance From Donald Trump, FBI James Comey, Mitch McConnell And Other Republicans And A Non-Responsive White House To Russia’s Cyber Assault, Elected Donald Trump President.


At a cost of 80 Billion Taxpayers Dollars Annually for 17 Intelligence Agencies, US Officials including President Obama, literally ignored Putin’s threat and Donald Trump’s encouragement of Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton and the DNC, the United States Democracy has taken a hit from an enemy, Vladimir Putin, without Russia having to fire even ONE BULLET! It is mind boggling to think that we spend a minimum of 650 Billion Dollars Annually on Defense and yet, we allowed the enemy and American Traitors such as Trump, Comey, McConnell and others to assault America.


From The FBI Director and others within the Federal Bureau Of Investigators, to Mitch McConnell hiding the Russian Cyber Assault on America, to Russia’s Puppet Donald Trump publicly encouraging Russia to Hack America and Republican Governors controlling Red and Blue States, disenfranchised millions of Minority Voters, enabling by fraud, Donald Trump to become President Elect.


The 2016 Presidential Election is a INVALID ELECTION and should Donald Trump go from President Elect to President Of The United States, America’s credibility of always boasting about Democracy is going to be harmed more than it has already within the United States and around the world.


India, one of the world’s largest Democracy with a population of 1.2 Billion People, 751 Million Plus voted in India’s most recent election and by all accounts, the election was graded a “fair election.”


And yet, America that is always bombing, killing and overthrowing governments in the name of Democracy, the United States ended up with one of the most dishonest election in 2016.


From Moscow to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina and other States, foreign intervention and blatant Republican fraud elected America’s Biggest Con Man, Bankruptcy Swindler, Groper and Pathological Liar, Donald Trump.


Trump Lost the popular vote to Clinton by close to 3 million votes and despite America’s most fraudulent election, the hypocritical democracy of America continues to propel Donald Trump to take the Oath Of Office. Today is the last day to stop Donald Trump when the Electoral College votes and can stop Trump, but that is more improbable than possible.


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