Donald Trump Is Neck Deep In Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s Hacking Swamp! That’s Why Trump Anxiously Wants To “Move-On”


As 2016 comes to an end I wish I could say I am optimistic about America’s Place in the World, but unfortunately with Republicans Controlling all of the main functions of the American Government, I believe they will wreck America more than George W Bush and Dick Cheney Did!


President Obama’s action against Russia is a Dollar Short and an Election Late and in addition with all of the Pre-Warnings of Republicans Suppression Of Voters, had Mr. Obama taken the proper Precaution, especially speaking out against FBI DIRECTOR’S JAMES COMEY PERNICIOUS LETTER,” Trump’s Victory would never have come about.


Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the Election, the Presidency was stolen from her by;


FBI Conspiracy

GOP Dishonesty

White House Complacency

Russia Hacking Our Democracy

Corrupt Media Promoting Trump’s Larceny




Donald Trump Has Been And Is Already In The Hands Of Vladimir Putin; If Trump Does Indeed Go From President Elect To President Of The United States, Trump Will Allow Russia To Decimate America In Every Possible Manner! He Has Already Started!


America’s Democracy is already in trouble and it would be totally wrecked with Donald Trump As President., Republicans Controlling Congress, 32 Republican Governors and a 5 to 4 US Supreme Court Majority.


Here Is A Factual Example Of What Has Transpired And What’s To Come [USA TODAY]


Now that the War on Christmas has been won by a thrice-married philanderer who ran for president as an aspiring theocrat, the North Carolina GOP has decided it’s time to win the War on Democracy.


First, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and his allies spent weeks lodging useless election challenges before finally conceding to Democrat Roy Cooper. Then, after an emergency session called to aid flood victims last week, the GOP-led legislature resolved to respond to the real disaster — a Democratic governor who was duly elected by the state’s voters.


Over the course of a few days in December, the next governor of North Carolina was stripped of many of his executive powers, the only powers he’ll likely be able to exercise given that Republicans hold supermajorities in both state houses.


Sounds like democracy in action, right?


Voters obviously wanted to put a check on Democrats’ power by giving the GOP supermajorities — except they’re more like so-called supermajorities because the party’s 70% control of the state Senate and 74% in the state House came by winning 56% and 53% of the votes, respectively. That kind of disproportionate control is only possible because Republicans have gotten so good at picking their voters, not the other way around. In fact, they’re so good at it that it’s illegal.


A U.S. district court found recently that 28 House and Senate special elections must be held next year because the North Carolina legislative districts are the result of an unconstitutional “racial gerrymander.”


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