The Most Powerful Country In The World, America, At A Cost of 653 Billion Dollars Annually For Defense, Is Being Wrecked From The Inside By Donald Trump And Republican Legislators And Nothing Is Being Done About It!


America was always looking for the foreign enemy trying to destroy America and it is amazing when destruction came on November 8, 2016, it wasn’t some foreign invaders, all along it was Treasonous Trump and Republican Traitors that prevailed in the most illegal Election in America that gave them the Presidency; The House of Representatives; The Senate; 32 Republican Governors and control of most of America’s 1,022 Counties.


Republicans are not doing one single thing to help America or the American people because, between Donald Trump and the disingenuous Republicans, they are too busy enacting Polices to destroy President Obama’s Legacy and Accomplishments that will hurt America’s most vulnerable and the Republicans really don’t care.


For the people that voted for Donald Trump and Republicans in Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and other States, they are going to be hurt the most and it shouldn’t come as any surprise. Most Republican Voters are stigmatized with the “Stockholm Syndrome,” they are Uninformed, Ignorant, Uneducated and Brainwashed, always voting against their own interest.


Perhaps Republican Votes should give heed to Mark Twain that said; “When You Are Dead You Don’t Know You Are Dead, Others Do But You Don’t! The Same Is With Stupidity.”


What we do or where we go from here with Republicans in charge of all of the Government, Federally and Most States is anyone’s guess. Perhaps we as a country may withstand the imminent destruction of America or we may not survive; only time will tell.


The Corporate Corrupt Owned Media are equally responsible for this disaster. The Media did Donald Trump’s Bidding and Selling of his Lies, Scams, Conning, Racism, Bigotry, Fascism and Treason. Like Republicans, the Media is also Bankrupt of all morality or shame! God Help Us!


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