These Three Definitive Reasons Are Lawfully Enough For Re-Election! President Obama, Why Don’t You Save America From Donald Trump?


FBI Director James Comey Is Implicated In Trump/Russia Collusion Scandal, A Senate Investigation Is Possible.


17 American Intelligence Agencies Has Proven That Russia Hacked And Tampered America’s Democratic Election.


Hillary Clinton Won The Election By 2,841,862 Votes And Counting.


In addition to the reasons above, Domestically, Republican Governors in charge of both Red and Blue States, purged minority votes by the hundreds of thousands. In Florida, Donald Trump won by 110,000 Votes, but Republican Governor Rick Scott purged 1.8 million voters.


In the State of Michigan Donald Trump won by less than 9,000 votes but the Republican Governor purged in excess of 439,000 minority voters [African Americans] in Flint and Detroit Michigan. The same transpired in Wisconsin, North Carolina and other States.


With 11 days left before the most Corrupt, Crooked, Treasonous, Racist, Bigoted, Fascist, Pathological Liar is sworn in as President, America can still be saved from this Parasitic Plague, America’s Cancer, Donald Trump.


President Obama, it is not only your legacy that is on the line, but America’s Democracy is on the line and if you fail to act, not only your legacy would be gone, but America’s Democracy will be lost ‘FOREVER.”


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