Donald Trump Is The Filth Of The Earth And Here Is Why!



Donald Trump is a treasonous traitor to his own country, going against America’s 17 Intelligence Agencies that cost American Taxpayers 83 Billion Dollars Annually, while Trump defends and take the side of another World Pot Scum Dictator – Vladimir Putin.


Donald Trump isn’t just a Con Man and Crook, Donald Trump is a THIEF! A thief is someone who has literally robbed people of their belongings for one’s own benefit. Trump has swindled his Investors by filing Corporate Bankruptcies 6 times valued at 4.7 Billion Dollars.


Donald Trump has and continues to swindle his Contractors. As recent as the week of January 2, 2017, Contractors that worked on Trump’s DC Hotel filed a 5 Million Dollars Lien against Trump Hotel In Washington D.C. because Donald Trump again, refuse to pay the contractors once the work is done.


Donald Trump that hasn’t paid any Federal Taxes in 18 years has bragged about how smart that is and the Republican Traitors in Congress have defended this excrement for a human being.



Donald Trump has stopped so low as to Mock The Disabled Reporter and by doing so Trump encourages his uninformed, ignorant, uneducated and brainwashed followers to do the same along with Republican Myrmidons in the Republican Congress, Governorships, and State and Local Governments.


Donald Trump has and continues to disrespect women and publicly exclaimed that he GRAPS THEM BY THE] P****] VAGINA and it is allowed because he, Donald Trump is a Celebrity.


Just what type of Person the Far-Right Has Elected To the Presidency? Donald Trump is a disgrace not just to America but to the entire world. Even a Coyote is far better than Donald Trump because a Coyote doesn’t have a conscience, but Donald Trump was born with a Conscience, but in his wretched mortal life of 70 years, Trump has become morally bankrupt of all decency and shame.


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