Republicans Is The Cause And Donald Trump Is The Symptom Why America Is Sinking Into The Abyss, Expeditiously!


President Obama, United States Supreme Court, United States Congress, “We The People Demand You Stop The Madness Before We Pass The Point Of No Return Which Is January 20, 2017, 12 Noon.”


You have all of the reasons to Evoke Martial Law and Void The Only Fraudulent Election in American History and your failure to act, not only would we be damaged as a Country, we would be decimated beyond repair.


You Have The Following:


Russian Intervention Into The 2016 Election:


Republicans Suppression Of Millions Of Votes:


FBI Director James Comey Treasonous Act, and


Donald Trump Verifiable Entanglement With Vladimir Putin And Russia.


As Leaders you ask much of the American people but you have no courage to stand-up to Treasonous Trump and Republican Traitors, so why are we paying Taxes and Obeying Laws that you fail to protect us from.


This has gone way beyond any laughing matter, it is beyond serious and the clock is ticking, so act and act now, if you are the Patriots you claim to be.


Donald Trump, Many Republicans And Many Republican Voters Are Patriots Totally Bankrupt Of Patriotism and Christians Bankrupt Of Christ.



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