It Is Sane To Understand Why Donald Trump Is Taking It In The ASS From Vladimir Putin, But Why Are The Republicans Providing The Vaseline That Is Discrediting America?


Donald Trump, Dishonest, Despicable, Deplorable, Dishonorable, Despot, willingly allowed himself and people like Michael Flynn and others to engage in Treasonous Acts and now as the “Shoe Drops” the Rattle Snakes are beginning to commit suicide, but Republicans are enabling Dictator Putin to crush America’s Credibility and Democracy and the reason may be that they, The Republicans, [No All] are also part of the 2016 Treasonous, Fraudulent Conspiracy that Elected Corrupted Donald Trump to the Presidency.


It has always been vividly clear that Republicans are Patriots totally void of Patriotism and Christians totally void of Christ, but one really has to ponder how does The President of the United States, Donald Trump and the Republican Controlled House and Senate, betray their Country in the name of AVARICE?


With Republicans controlling The White House, Congress, Department of Justice, 32 Governorships, The FBI James Comey, how is it possible to prosecute these serious crimes which includes Treason?


We can only hope that the right Wing Judiciary at the US Supreme Court will choose to defend the Constitution and not the Party that Nominated and Confirmed them to the Highest Court in the Land, the last Bastion of protection for America and the American people.


Apart from that HOPE we must keep up the Resistance and never give up hope that “The American Government Is By The People And For The People.”


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