Before the end of 2017, Donald Trump would be in Prison for Treason, a Mental Home or Trump would have committed suicide.



For all of Donald Trump’s adult life, 50 plus years, Racist Trump has been lying, thieving, Swindling Investors, Contractors, Employees, Students from Trump’s Fake University and others, handing out Hurt And Tears like Ice Cream.


Irrespective of who or what you are, “All The Hell Fires Of Retribution Is Not Only In The Hereafter, It Is Right Here In This Mortal World,” and Donald Trump time to pay the Piper, is now.


Donald Trump Treason now extends to Speaker Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and other Republicans. In addition, the Suppression and Purging of Minority Voters, is the only reason why Trump is in the White House and Republicans are controlling the House and Senate.


The American people for whom the majority are hard working and decent people need to rid themselves of the Republican Party.


Indulge me for a moment. Hillary Clinton did honestly win the Presidency, but instead the most blatant liar and crook sits in the Oval Office.


Republicans are the cause and Trump is the Symptom. It took the Symptom to peel the Scab off the GOP that revealed that the Republican Party are overcrowded with Racists, Fascists, Misogynists, Liars and Crooks just like Donald Trump.


At the end of the first month of Trump’s Presidency and Republicans Control, they haven’t done anything for America or the American people.


Just imagine, the Republican Congress made it Legal for people with Mental illness to purchase Guns. Last week Republicans made it possible for Millionaires to no longer pay Social Security.

But Trump and Republicans are Hell Bent on taking away poor people’s Health Insurance, getting rid of Public Schools, totally dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency and everything, that benefits America’s most vulnerable.


In the final analysis “Truth Prevails And Good Triumphs Over Evil.”


Remember “What Oxygen Is To The Lung Such Is Hope For The Meaning Of Life.”


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