Father of U.S. Commando Killed in Yemen Raid “Refused to Meet Trump.” Trump Exploited Grieving Widow!


Shameless Donald Trump using the Carryn Owens, Widow of Fallen Soldier William Ryan Owens [36] for Trump’s reckless Yemen raid that Killed the Patriot, was perhaps one of the most disgusting displays of Donald Trump’s Black and Deplorable Soul.


After Trump became the Republican Nominee, he refused to go to the National Daily Security Briefings and subsequent to being Sworn in as President he literally insulted the Intelligence Agencies and on the SIX DAY OF TRUMP’S PRESIDENCY, he approved a raid in Yemen to kill a particular Terrorist. According to Published Reports, Trump hadn’t a clue of what he Ordered and the Mission went horribly wrong, killing the US Soldier and injuring others. In the same raid Yemeni Children, Women and Men got killed and injured that the egregious machination of Donald Trump, caused the Yemini Government to stop the America’s Military Operations in Yemen and were asked to leave.


Trump and his Administration in order to cast blame on others began to lie; they first said that it was a mission President Obama had confirmed which turned out not to be true. Then Trump blamed the Generals for the death of the Soldiers and when the father of the deceased Soldier demanded accountability for his Son’s death, Trump brought the Grieving Widow to his “Dog And Pony Disgraceful Congressional Address.”


Donald Trump’s scandalous life as Private Citizen with schemes, conning people out of money, lies and deception, Trump took it into the Oval Office and in the 39 days since Trump has been President, not one day has gone by with Chaos, Embarrassment, Fraud, Treason, Schemes and everything within the deplorable category.


It may take a while, but the Republican Congress will find the “will” to do what is right and Impeach this sorry, despicable, unhinged, unfit, illegitimate President, out of the White House and hopefully to a Life Time Prison For Treason Cell.


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