As President of The United States Hillary Clinton would be Protecting America and its Interests, not destroying it as Corrupt Donald Trump and Fraudulent Republicans are doing.

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Had it not been for Treason, Fraudulent Republicans and uninformed, ignorant, uneducated and brainwashed Republican Voters, Hillary Clinton would be President, protecting America by building on President Obama’s achievements and Policies and continuing his legacy, instead, America’s most Corrupt, Racist, Con Man, Pathological Liar, enabled by Republicans are dragging America through the “Mud” and into the Abyss.


It is astonishing how people were so quick to believe lies about America’s Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and at the same time ignore the “Facts,” about the Treasonous, Un-American Crook in American History, Donald Trump.


In their 20’s:


Hillary Clinton was fighting to end Segregation!

Donald Trump was being sued for Discrimination!


People should not only blame Russia, Fraudulent Republicans and Ignorant Republican Voters, they should cast blame on the Corrupt Corporate Media’s part that is mostly responsible for Donald Trump’s Presidency by placing Trump on a Golden Throne during the Primaries and the run-up to the General Election.


Now that Donald Trump is literally destroying the Country, that same Media is trying to pretend that they somehow bare no responsibility for the Chaos taking place inside America and the Embarrassment America faces around the world.


The New York Times admitted to covering up Donald Trump’s Russia Ties during the Primaries and prior to the General Election, because they had the evidence, but as NYT claims, the FBI asked them not to publish the information and they capitulated.


While during the same time period that filthy Media took “Nothing” and made it into “Something” when it came to Hillary Clinton.


“UNLESS or UNTIL” an “Honest Impartial Investigation” is done about the entire 2016 Election, America’s Democracy and Election Process is be doomed forever.


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AAA 1-295

AAA 1-294

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