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The Insanity Of Guns On Campus! Friday October 9, 2015, One Dead One Wounded At Texas Southern University; One Dead Three Wounded Northern Arizona State University. Politicians Must Be Held Accountable For Promoting Gun On School Campuses!

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A gunman killed one person and wounded another on the campus of Texas Southern University in Houston on Friday, the second shooting at the university this week.


The Houston Police Department said a possible suspect in Friday’s shooting was in custody. The university was on lockdown for a few hours, and classes were canceled for the day.


The shooting occurred about 11:30 a.m., at a campus housing complex, the University Courtyard apartments, the police said. Officials have not released any information about the victims or the suspect.


It was the second university shooting of the day in the United States; coming hours after a gunman killed one person and wounded three others at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. An 18-year-old student was arrested in that attack.


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Republicans And The National Rifle Association Have The Blood Of American Children, Women And Men On Their Hands For Their Unwillingness To Assist In Passing Stronger Background Checks For Gun Purchasers

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Stronger Background Checks would not stop all of the senseless killings, but it would help to prevent Mentally Disturbed People and Questionable People from purchasing Guns. Gun Advocates always throws up a smoke screen that Guns don’t kill people, but it actually does. At Sandy Hook School it was bullets from a Gun by a mentally disturbed man that killed the 20 Children and the 7 adults. On Thursday’s shooting in Oregon it was bullets that killed the people, irrespective who pulled the trigger.


The GOP and some Democrats have totally misused the Second Amendment to the Constitution as a panacea as an excuse for better Gun Sense. The Republican Congress that are paid by the Taxpayers do everything virtually possible to disavow their responsibility in educating the uninformed, ignorant, uneducated and brainwashed citizens that no one is advocating the ban on Guns, but rather the responsibility of Gun Ownership and the insanity of the insane having a Gun.


Red States have gone totally out of control by allowing Guns in Schools, Churches, Airports, Bars and just about anywhere. And it is those same States where the people are least educated and perhaps never give even one thought, that Guns would never turn them into Doctors, Lawyers and Scientists or make a better life for their children.


My wife and I owned several Guns and we raised four children without Gun accidents in our home or having shot anyone. I am not against Gun Ownership, but I am against Mentally Ill people and Criminals from owning Guns. And yes I know, Criminals can still find a way to purchase a Gun, but even if we stop one shooting from better Background Checks, it would be worth it to save even one life.


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