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Is Not A Perfect Place But It Is A Wonderful World Filled With Dreams And Hope For All. Vote Hillary Clinton President!

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“Republicans Insanity Would Be On Display Beginning Monday July 18th Under One Roof Labeled RNC Convention.”



As the Politics reaches fever pitch remember just how much Republicans are very much alike when it comes to the Insanity of the Jihadists.



The Jihadists are big on the Quran and Guns!



Republicans are big on the Bible and Guns!



The Jihadists carries out heinous crimes against innocent people!



Republicans ignore that 93 Americans of all races are killed every day right here in America by some form of Gun Violence, yet, Republicans accept Blood Money from the NRA and defend the 2nd Amendment by profound misuse of what the Founding Fathers intended.



Jihadists accept Money from Despots and defend their insanity by misuse of Islam.



This November, we must Elect Hillary Clinton as President and remove Republicans from Leading the Senate and House of Representatives and as many Governors’ Mansions.



Hillary Clinton as President with a Democratic Controlled Senate and House can and will implement sensible Laws not to take away the rights of people to own Guns, but stop as many as possible unqualified people from owning Guns.




President Obama has rescued America from the Disasters of George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the Republican Congress and set us on a path forward, and, Hillary Clinton will continue President Obama’s Legacy, Policies and build on Obama’s Achievements that would inure benefits to all Americans and people of Goodwill around the World.



Give Hillary Clinton your support. Unite And Vote Blue For An Even Greater America.


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Republicans From The Courts To Congress To Governors And Cities Have Become A Blight On America And The World.

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On November 8, 2016 Vote Hillary Clinton President And Vote In A Democratic Senate And A Democratic House And Place The Right Wing Controlled Supreme Court Into A Liberal Court That Works For All.


In every aspect of our lives, Republicans are destroying it with their self righteousness because they have sold America to the Blood Thirsty National Rifle Association And sold 99% of Americans to the top 1%.


The Party of Abraham Lincoln is Dead and Abe is Mourning and Groaning in his Grave as he witness how Right Wing Extremists have taken his Party and burned it into the ground. The Founding Fathers are also mourning and groaning as they too witness the abuse of the Second Amendment that is the cause of Children, Women and Men, American Blood, being soaked into the ground from the recklessness of Guns and Gun Violence.


Support Hillary Clinton And The Democratic Party And In November Elect Hillary Clinton As Your Next President And Vote In A Democratic Senate And House To Restore Sanity Back To America.


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Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Firewall To The Nomination – Endorsements! Hillary Clinton 56.4%: Bernie Sanders 0%: Jim Webb 0%: Martin O’Malley 0.4%: Joe Biden 1.2%:

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Despite big daily polling movement by the Media knocking Hillary Clinton, she has a gigantic and growing lead in another key metric with a strong track record of influencing the nomination process: Endorsements from elected Democrats.


A 56 percent majority of Democratic governors, senators and U.S. House members have endorsed Clinton for president, according to data tracked by FiveThirtyEight.


No other candidate has a significant share of support from elected Democrats. Joe Biden has 1.2 percent support for a potential run, while 0.4 percent (a.k.a. one person) goes to former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley. Sanders have no endorsements at all.


Clinton’s endorsement advantage represents a major barricade against Sanders’s run as well as a potential bid by Biden. Endorsements are a key indicator of candidates’ standing in the “invisible primary” — the period before any caucuses and primaries in which candidates compete for the endorsement of party leaders, interest groups and activists. Endorsements provide a window into how the invisible primary is playing out, and most importantly, they have proven more predictive than early polls in how candidates eventually fare among voters in caucuses and primaries.


So how much does Clinton’s endorsement lead actually matter? “I believe her endorsement lead is the best possible insulation against challenges to her front-runner status,” said Cohen, an assistant professor at James Madison University. “When it comes to amassing delegates in the various state primaries and caucuses, those endorsements will provide her with the campaign infrastructure to turn out votes that should neutralize the efforts of her opponents.”


Turning back to the endorsement data collected by FiveThirtyEight; Three components of the endorsement race demonstrate Clinton’s strength. What’s fascinating about the data above is not just Clinton’s advantage – it’s big – but that she already has reached an absolute majority of endorsements among all potential endorsements. It’s September — five months before any actual voting. Even if Biden or Sanders rounded up every uncommitted Democratic senator, House member and governor, they would max out at 44 percent. Among elected Democrats who have endorsed anyone in the race so far, 97 percent have backed Clinton.


Secondly, Sanders hasn’t gained a single endorsement. His campaign seems to acknowledge this as a weakness; The Post’s John Wagner reported last month that Sanders plans to make a concerted pitch for his candidacy to Democratic leaders. Sanders is of course running as an anti-establishment candidate, and this metric’s focus on support from elected leaders doesn’t play to his strengths. Nonetheless, a lack of any establishment support signals the party — as in, basically power within it — is not rooting for his name on the ticket.


Thirdly, Clinton’s advantage is substantially larger than at this point in 2007, when Barack Obama was able to surge after winning the Iowa caucuses. Clinton held roughly one-third of all endorsement “points” tallied by FiveThirtyEight (giving governors and senators greater weight), while today she holds an outright majority. Her endorsement lead in 2008 was more vulnerable precisely because she had not locked up the public support of many Democrats by late 2007. This time around, most Democrats have already backed her. [Washington Post FiveThirtyEight]


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