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The False Equivalence Between Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Is One Of The Most Nefarious Media Deceptions We Have Ever Seen.

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Don’t Fall For It! Donald Trump Is Disliked Because He Lies To People; “Hillary Clinton Is Disliked Because She Is Lied About.”


Let us begin on Taxes! Hillary Clinton has released 39 Years of Tax Returns – From 1977 thru 2015. Hillary and Bill Clinton pay a total Tax Rate of 34.2%.


Donald Trump has unequivocally refused to release any of his Tax Returns, sighting a Non-Existence Audit and the only [2] two returns that we have of Donald Trump from 1977 and 1978, Donald Trump paid Zero Taxes. It is not assuming but it is fair to say that Trump’s reluctance to release any of his Tax Returns is self evident that he is a scam Artist. He is not worth what he says he is and that is 10 Billion Dollars. He hasn’t given any money to Charity despite Trump’s claim that he has given 10’s of Millions to Charity. [No one can find anyone that received Charity from Donald Trump.


Hillary Clinton has dedicated her entire life to serving the Public and to date, she has never filed Bankruptcy, sued for unpaid bills, scamming innocent people, young, middle-age, Veterans and the elderly for running a Fake University that embezzled tens of millions from desperate and vulnerable people. Hillary Clinton has never been Divorced. And, despite the 100 Million Dollars Plus Republicans have spent over the past 30 years investigating Hillary Clinton, she has never been charged, indicted or arrested.


On the other hand Donald Trump has filed [6] six Bankruptcies totaling 4.7 Billion Dollars; sued 5,500 times including 169 Federal Suits, all for not paying his bills or for scams he committed. At the moment Donald Trump is ordered to appear in New York and California for FRUAD stemming from Trump’s Fake University where he embezzled 10’s of Millions of Dollars. The Court has placed these cases under the RICO ACT – “Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization.” Trump has been Married and Divorced [3] three times.


Donald Trump attempted to delegitimize the First African American President, Barack Obama by starting nefarious claims that Mr. Obama wasn’t born in the United States, despite Obama’s Mother was a White American Woman, born in El Dorado, Kansas.


Trump has been sued for Discrimination by the Federal Government; Donald Trump has aligned himself with the KKK and every White Supremacists Group Across America and in addition, Donald Trump is a Con Man, Corrupt and a Pathological Liar. Donald Trump is an outspoken; Bigot, Fascist, Misogynist, Racist and a perpetuator of Hate and Lies.


And yet, our Corporate Owned Political Media has brushed over all of Donald Trump’s egregious machinations and have constantly lied about everything having to do with Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation and even Mrs. Clinton illness.


Republicans Sperm conceived Donald Trump and the Media Volunteered to be Trump’s surrogate mother.


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Melania Trump Became Fair Game When She Lied On NBC “I Wrote The Speech.”

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The Speech That Melania Gave At The Republican Convention Was Plagiarized From Michelle Obama!


Donald Trump, Trump’s Children and Republicans are offering nothing to America but Racism, Bigotry, Fascism, Lies And Hate, targeting one of the most admired Woman in the World, Former First Lady, US Senator and Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton.


George W Bush, Dick Cheney, the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress had wrecked America during the 8 years of Bush’s Presidency.


Perhaps, just perhaps, the 9/11 tragedy could have been avoided if George W Bush and his Administration had listened to the United States Intelligence Agencies that warned George W Bush for 9 months prior to the September 11, 2001 attack that killed 3,000 Americans. And if that wasn’t bad enough, George W Bush illegally invaded Iraq and created one of the worst Military Chaos in modern times. In addition, Bush had totally wrecked the American Economy.


When President Obama took Office in January 2009 along with his Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton, America’s credibility around the world was at its lowest point in American History. The Economy was at a breaking point and we were losing jobs at the rate of 800,000 jobs per month.


With dedication, hard work and intelligent thinking, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the entire Obama Administration, essentially have rectified the Economy and rebuilt our credibility around the world. The Chaos that exist in the Middle, you can thank George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and many others in one of the most inept Administration in our life time for that never ending ISIS madness.


However, all the Republicans do is blame President Obama, Hillary Clinton and others for the total disaster that they the Republicans created. They have no Polices or answers to give the American people, except lies, misinformation and promote their Con Man Nominee, Donald Trump, hate, lies, bankruptcy swindling, racism and everything that is against America’s best interest.


Stand with President Obama and Support and Vote For Hillary Clinton and a Democratic House and Senate, to continue the Progress we have made under Obama and his Administration.


Republicans have literally killed the Party of Abraham Lincoln with their extremism and hate!


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