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Hillary And Bill Clinton Released Their Tax Returns From 1992 Through 2015! Donald Trump Has Refused To Release Any Tax Returns Period! Yet, The Media Questions The Clinton’s Honesty! Why Media?

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The Clintons’ released a total of 34 years of Tax Returns and it is available Online for the world to see. On the Other hand Donald Trump refuses to release any of his Tax Returns, not even the years prior to what he claims to be under Audit. And yet, the Media can’t talk about Politics for even 15 minutes without questioning the integrity of Bill and Hillary Clinton.


Apparently there was some talk about investigating the Clinton Foundation that never materialized and for CNN, FOX, MSNBC, they call that a Scandal. The Clinton Foundation has done more for people all over the world than Countries Combined together. The information is Online and available to the Public, but yet, every single day, every single hour, The Corrupt Corporate Media trashes Bill and Hillary Clinton 27/7 and you can’t help but ask Why?


At the same time Donald Trump, America’s Biggest Con Man, Bankruptcy Swindler, University Fraudster, Bigot, Fascist, Misogynist, Racist and Serial Liar whom Fact Checkers have certified that Donald Trump lies 91% of the time, The Media gives him a Free Pass. When asked questions by the Media, Trump insults them and yet, the American Media is Pro Trump all the way.


The Media along with the Republican Party is directly responsible for Donald Trump being able to embarrass America and every American on a daily basis, and it is self evident that Donald Trump, America’s Corporate Owned Media and the Republican Party, are totally bankrupt of all shame, morality and has a minus zero when it comes to credibility.


Hillary Clinton will be an amazing President and a good steward of American Values, working as hard as she has all of her adult life to insure you have and live the American dream. Help Hillary Clinton not only to win the Presidency but help her to have a Democratic Controlled House and Senate to implement Policies that the Do Nothing Republican Congress have obstructed for the past 8 years, leaving President Obama to have to do almost everything via Executive Order.


Unite and Vote Blue on November Eight! America is already Great! Hillary Clinton Will make it even Greater!


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“Let Him kiss me with the kiss of His mouth!” Songs of Solomon 1:2 [HAPPY EASTER]

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The month of April is said to derive its name from the Latin verb aperio, which signifies to open, because all of the buds of blossoms are now opening, and we have arrived at the gates of the flowery year.


In beginning a new month, let us seek the same desires after our Lord as those which glowed in the heart of the elect spouse. See how she leaps at once to Him; there are no prefatory words; she does not even mention His name; she is in the heart of her theme at once, for she speaks of Him who was the only Him in the world to her.


How bold is her love! It was much condescension which permitted the weeping penitent to anoint His feet with spikenard – it was rich love which allowed the gentle Mary to sit at His feet and learn of Him – but here, love, strong, fervent love, aspires to higher tokens of regard, and closer signs of fellowship.


Esther trembled in the presence of Ahasuerus, but the spouse of joyful liberty of perfect love knows no fear. If we have received the same free spirit, we also may ask the like. By kisses we suppose to be intended those varied manifestations of affection by which the believer is made to enjoy the love of Jesus.


The kiss of reconciliation we enjoyed at our conversion; and it was sweet as honey dropping from the comb. The kiss of acceptance is still warm on our brow, and we know that He hath accepted our persons and our works through rich grace. The kiss of daily, communion; is that which we pant after to be repeated day after day, till it is changed into the kiss of reception, which removes the soul from earth, and the kiss of consummation which fills it with the joy of heaven.


Faith is the road, but communion with Jesus is the well from which the pilgrim drinks. O lover of our souls, be not strange to us; let the limps of Thy blessing meet the lips of our asking; let the lips of Thy fullness touch the lips of our need, and straightway the kiss will be effectuated. 


Who is Jesus Christ?

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People say He is the Son of God

Others say He is Savior and Lord,

But who is man called Jesus Christ?

God in the flesh with power and might!


Jesus Christ is God’s effulgence

God’s unequivocal Omnipotence,

His days cannot be enumerated

Pangs and Pines He abated


In times of sorrow He is efficacy

Dispenser of grace and mercy,

Jesus emanates from a glorious light

So, forever hold Him tight


Christ is the executor of appanage

And the strength of all courage,

Not only in need should He be Lord

But know, every day, He is Almighty God!


© 2003 – 2012 by Sheriff G Ali



Author’s Comments

“Jesus is the verdure of grace, the emblem of peace and a significant token of triumph. On the Lion of Judah – Jesus Christ; the broken hearted can ride like Queens and Kings!”


“When Jesus rose from the dead; primeval darkness heard the Almighty Fiat.”