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My Greatest Affliction

Posted in My Greatest Affliction with tags on November 27, 2018 by sheriffali

We can become able masters of the heart, but only if we allow ourselves to be tutored in the school of ‘heart-felt” personal experiences.


Kings have their troubles; the peasant has his cares; the wayfarer has many hardships; the Captain has his difficulties, and there were times when the dark valleys were too much for me, but thank God, “The Lord was my Shepherd.”


I was also tried in my friends and my counselors; they forsook me! They that ate my bread lifted up their heels against me, but my worst foes were that of my own household; my blood family, but especially my children, they were my greatest affliction.


The temptations of poverty and wealth, of honor and reproach, of health and sickness, all took a toll on me. The trials from without disturbed my peace, and from within, marred my joy. No sooner I escaped one trial I fell into another; emerging from one season of despondency and alarm, I was again brought into the lowest depths, whilst simultaneously the waves of billows were rolling over me.


At the time, whatever my frame of mind, whatever ecstasy of depression, was the result of emotions propelled by incomprehensible deep hurt. Having been instructed in life’s personal experience, I have matured with God’s grace through the years, and with my Lord’s inexhaustible mercy, He placed me the “Green Pastures.” My soul, let my Lord’s graces continue to cheer and counsel thee, “this day.”


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