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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the Male version of Thelma and Louise; except, they would throw 98% of the American people off the cliff!

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Are some of us stupid? Yes, some of us are dumb! Democrats, Republicans and Independents lost homes; jobs; savings from Bank Closures and lives were turned upside down, solely due to Bush’s Policies that created an Orwellian Terror State and Bankrupted a once great Nation. [2001-2008]


Now, comes Romney and Ryan; There policies are identical to that of former President George W. Bush – “give another five trillion dollar tax cut which would benefit the top 2% at the expense of 98% of hard-working Americans!

Mitt Romney supports Paul Ryan’s “budget” issued last March;

Paul Ryan said: “food stamps, health insurance, Pell grants, Veteran’s Hospital and the likes are demeaning, if paid for by the Government, so, it is better to die with dignity, rather than accept assistance, even if you can’t afford it!”


As a favor to struggling Americans, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin., proposed a federal budget last March ravaging programs for the poor, elderly, disabled, young, veterans, jobless, students and other vulnerable people. Ryan did it, he said, because these programs, food stamps, health insurance, Pell grants, veteran’s hospitals and the likes are demeaning.


If you believe that this is what you want for your country then vote in November for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, because I promise you, “they would keep their word!”


Listening and Reading to the comments by some people is positively shocking to see just how brainless we have become. Hate blinds all senses of logic and understanding and their uninformed and unknowledgeable phantasmagoric rationales and internecine advocacies, are truly sad.


The approximately five trillion  dollars that was added to our National Debt since Obama took office, 88% went to paying “unpaid” bills left by the Bush Administration. It consisted of two wars; two humongous tax cuts; the scheming mortgage derivatives that literally bankrupted us. Only 12% of the five trillion dollars were used to pay for policies implemented by Obama.


President Bush, Dick Cheney and their “ochlocracy,” threw us into the abyss and left us for dead. The Dow fell to 6,500 in 2007 and it is now 13,200 which is a major indicator on the positive side; and yet people permeate such a pessimistic view.


We were shedding jobs at a rate of almost 800,000 per month, from September 2008   and the unemployment losses continued to the end of Bush’s Presidency and well into all of 2009 until Obama’s Policies took effect. Now, for thirty straight months we have added jobs to the tune of 4,500,000, but the right wing haters beat-up on President Obama as though he is the cause of all that ails America.


Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and most of the Republican Politicians are very educated and smart, but they are most hypocritical and deceitful! It is the “people” that follow them down the road of “financial perdition,” they are the ones that live like Ostriches with their heads buried in the sand; dumb, deaf and blind – and, brain dead!