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CNN using John McCain and Fox News using Dick Cheney; different Companies but the same agenda! Bash and Discredit President Obama!

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There isn’t any doubt that Fox News is definitely Anti-Obama. They don’t disguise their disdain for the President and all of their Hosts and their Guests, Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, John Bolton, Donald Rumsfeld and the likes, their agendas are crystal clear.


However, in the case of CNN one has to look much farther. Notice CNN’S affinity with John McCain. If you want to find McCain you have to look no further than CNN. Is it because CNN is seeking objective facts from John McCain? No! CNN can count on McCain to the tell the biggest of lies and misinformation and whether it is Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Candy Crowley or others, they never question McCain’s distorted promulgation of blatant lies. For CNN, John McCain is their Guy to stir up commotions that are always factually untrue. For CNN that is News.


In 2013 John McCain was in Syria and he took out a photograph with members of ISIS. At that time McCain was highly critical of President Obama for not supporting ISIS. Then in 2014 the same John McCain is calling for President Obama to attack ISIS.  


Subsequent to President Obama’s speech on ISIS Wednesday night September 10, 2014, Anderson Cooper had multiple guests on his program. James Carney, the former White House Spokesman for President Obama and in addition to the other Guests, like a magician, Anderson Cooper pulled out John McCain as did Clint Eastwood and his Magnum in his Dirty Harry Movies.


McCain sat there and confronted Mr. Carney with lies, deception and everything that would allow the most uniformed to sense the insanity McCain possess, however, Anderson Cooper never once, challenged McCain. Does Anderson Cooper know the facts? Of course he does, but that is where the Cross Roads of CNN and FOX meet. Bash and discredit the President.


McCain claim that Obama willfully didn’t leave a residual force in Iraq is absolutely untrue. Nour al-Maliki, the man that was living in Iran in exile for 20 years, was appointed by Bush and Cheney as Prime Minister of Iraq. Bush signed an agreement in 2008 that all American Combat Forces would leave Iraq by December 31, 2011. Earlier in 2011 the Obama Administration sought a signed Status of Forces Agreement from Mr. Maliki. Maliki refused and there was no way to leave American Forces in Iraq without them being subjected to Iraqi law. There is no mystery as to why Maliki didn’t sign the agreement and that is because Maliki’s orders came from Iran and Iran didn’t want American forces in Iraq.


Hence, John McCain’s claim on Anderson Cooper’s program September 10, 2014 that we could have left troops in Iraq, is blatantly untrue.


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Chris Christie’s overwhelming arrogance is his inferiority complex about his weight in Public life!

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Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer has everything to lose including going to Prison for Perjury for telling the truth; if that truth turns out to be a “lie.”  On the other hand Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno has everything to gain by being untruthful, in her attempt to contradict Ms. Zimmer.


As sure as the Sun would rise, Ms. Guadagno will be called to testify under Oath and at that time, it would be interesting to see how her statement then would contradict her “non-binding” statement during her Monday’s so-called News Conference where she made it clear, “she wasn’t going to answer any questions.”


Also on Monday evening, Dawn Zimmer stood her ground during an interview with Anderson Cooper and did not retract any statement or claims she has made. Ms. Zimmer also stated that the Committee did not vote for the allocation of funds until much later, hence the reason why she did not come forward and created any commotion, because as she said; “80% of her City were under water during the Sandy Storm and she wanted to obtain the funds to help the people.


Apparently Mr. Christie and his Staff would stop at nothing by claiming that they gave Ms. Zimmer 70 Million dollars, when in fact what Mr. Christie’s Administration actually gave to Ms. Zimmer was $382,000.00. The 70 Million dollar figure is funds obtained by Business and Property Owners from their “Flood Insurance.”


Even though I do believe that we must wait until the total investigation is completed, the “domino-effect” has created a pattern of Governor Christ Christie’s egregiousness. It defies logic that the George Washington Bridge fiasco was unknown to Mr. Christie, considering the fact that the highest members of his “Staff,” are the people that triggered the closing down of all of the lanes into “one,” creating the hellish disaster for all parties having to use one of America’s most important and busiest bridges. The damning fact comes from the emails from Christie’s Staff. Chris Christie’s action by supposedly throwing them under the bus, maybe a farce! It seems self evident that Mr. Christie the people allowed Christie to thrown them under the bus because of a promise to hopefully vindicate them and more so, keep them from going to Prison.  


In the final analysis, “the truth always comes out,” irrespective of who or what you are!”


CNN, even the Republican Elephant couldn’t possibly support Rhino Chris Christie!

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CNN, you have become the idiots of Cable News! The Elephant cannot support Chris Christie on its back and further more, the Republican Party is in such disarray, even a Coyote on the Elephant will Poll better than 24%!


You are obsessed with polling people that changes their minds faster than they change their clothes, just to create commotion in order to enhance your viewership, but, I got news for you, “it isn’t working!”


When CNN became TIME – WARNER – AOL; Ted Turner’s amazing vision of bringing 24 hour News to the world, got flushed down the toilet.  Save that of Anderson Cooper at 8PM, everything else on CNN should be tossed into the trash!


I wouldn’t watch Fox News because it is self evident that HACKER Rupert Murdoch, defecated into the ears of every one of Fox’s Hosts that seeped into their brains. Their obsession with President Obama, that causes them to continually espouse phantasmagoric rationales and internecine narcissistic deluge, will give you a hang-over, even if you do not drink alcohol!


CNN, you make claim that you are the most “trusted name in News” and Fox lay claim that they are “fair and balanced!” Just how dumb do you think people are?


Trayvon Martin is dead solely because he was black; George Zimmerman walked free because he is not!

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Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman solely because Trayvon was African American. Zimmerman targeted the kid from the minute he set his eyes upon him; he got out his vehicle even though the Police told him not to follow the kid; Zimmerman got into a confrontation with Trayvon and when he found himself in trouble, he shot the kid.


The WHITE Juror that spoke with Anderson Cooper, she along with the other Jurors vindicated George Zimmerman but found Trayvon Martin guilty. The 99 million dollar question is; “Why did the Prosecutors agree on five white women and one Hispanic?” They knew that George Zimmerman was part Hispanic, so the question begs an answer as to why?


The Juror that gave the interview to Anderson Cooper revealed in her own words even though she chose to hide in the dark, that she was going to vindicate George Zimmerman even before the deliberation ended and blame it on the deceased teenager. Even after praising Zimmerman endlessly she was asked by Anderson; “Do you feel sorry for Trayvon Martin? She said; “I feel sorry for the both of them!” Just imagine, the teenager lost his life to a crazed and deranged lunatic and she, the Juror, couldn’t even bring herself to say that she felt sorry for the teenager without adding Zimmerman.


To the many people that responded to my Monday’s remarks on CNN web site about Trayvon Martin being a thug, just wait until another Zimmerman does to your child what he did to Trayvon, then and only then, you would put away your prejudice, and realize the true meaning of “injustice.”


“Every step Mr. Martin took toward the end of his too-short life was defined by his race. I do not have to believe that Mr. Zimmerman is a hate-filled racist to recognize that he would probably not even have noticed Mr. Martin if he had been a casually dressed white teenager.

But because Mr. Martin was one of those “punks” who “always get away,” as Mr. Zimmerman characterized him in a call to the police, Mr. Zimmerman felt he was justified in following him. After all, a young black man matched the criminal descriptions, not just in local police reports, but in those most firmly lodged in Mr. Zimmerman’s imagination.”



Rich or Poor, we are not better than anyone, we are just different! The Romney’s…

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Mr. & Mrs. Romney project an image that they are better than others and they sound almost identical to Ross Perot in 1992. Rich or Poor, we are not better than anyone, we are just different!


[Anderson Cooper 360 August 2, 2012] Your argument that Harry Reid’s statement about Mitt Romney not paying taxes for ten years and that somehow, Mr. Reid should reveal his source, the News Media [If you can call it that in this present age of Misnomer News], falls flat on its face.


Every day the Media is always making claims that a source who wishes to remain anonymous “has said this or said that.” The Media hides behind “freedom of speech,” well, if that be the case, so can Mr. Reid.


Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Romney, they project the image of being better than other people, and if it is one thing I can say in this life is that, rich or poor, we are not better than anyone, we are just different!


Mrs. Romney’s remark sounds almost identical to Ross Perot and I quote; “We have released all that ‘you people’ need to know.” This was Ann Romney’s remarks during a news conference.


As a student of Law I don’t know that Mitt Romney or his wife has done anything wrong, but, what is self evident is that there adamant refusal to release any tax returns other than the one released for 2010, seems apparent that their values are not representative of what is best for the Middle-Class and the Poor in our Country.


It is the Romney’s right to be secretive about their affairs and not release any reasonable number of tax returns, so long as he, Mr. Romney, withdraws from wanting to be President, but, so long as he seeks the Office of the President, then, full transparency is required.