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Misogyny And Racism Exists In The American Media! Media Endanger The Lives Of 11 Million Plus Children And Adults With HIV/AIDS.

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The AP And Other News Agencies Put At Risk Over 11 Million Children And Adults [Mostly Africans In Africa] That Depends On The Life Saving Drugs The Clinton Foundation Provide To Treat HIV/AIDS World Wide Yet, The AP Wrote A Half Baked Story About The CGI, Endangering The Lives Of Millions, Mostly Africans.


The Clinton Foundation Received An “A” Rating For Spreading 89% Of Funds Received On Charity; The Other 11% Is Used For Operational Costs.


Con Man Donald Trump who wouldn’t even Release His Tax Returns took the story and called for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation. The Misogynistic Media with hidden Racism has been promulgating Bankruptcy Swindler Trump, Bigotry, Hate, Fascism and Racism on a 24/7 dishonest Anti Hillary Clinton Media.


The Washington Post Took The Time To Publish A More Honest Version Of The Clinton Foundation. Below are excerpts, but you can open the link and read the entire article.


[WAPO] “Surrogates have waxed long on the foundation’s charitable works, its lifesaving endeavors and the “unprecedented” efforts that Clinton put in place to promote transparency. In contrast, they pointed to Trump and what they described as his opaque history of business dealings and entanglements, which they said pose a real conflict of interest.


Late Wednesday night, Clinton called into CNN’s Anderson Cooper to offer a full-throated defense of her family’s foundation.


“We did provide a lot of life-saving work,” Clinton said. “I’m proud of the work that my husband started and he did.


“We provided a massive amount of information and Donald Trump doesn’t release his tax [returns] and is indebted to foreign banks and foreign lenders,” she added.


Clinton has largely stayed out of the spotlight, continuing a multiday fundraising swing on the West Coast. On Thursday, her speech in Reno, Nev., will attempt to train the campaign’s full attention on Trump and his connections to the “alt-right,” a conservative movement often associated with white nationalism.


Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has gone on the attack.


Before noon on Wednesday, the Trump campaign blasted out four separate emails pressuring Clinton on her foundation ties in the hope of keeping the message in the news. Uncharacteristically, most of Trump’s tweets about Clinton have also been tied to the issue.


Since the conventions, Trump has battled controversies including the overhaul of his campaign leadership, his campaign aide’s ties to a pro-Russian regime in Ukraine and an ongoing spat with the Muslim parents of a fallen U.S. soldier. Seizing on those controversies, Clinton’s campaign worked to put Trump on the defensive while largely keeping the spotlight off Clinton.”


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Hillary Clinton Did Not Lie About Her Statement That FBI Director James Comey Attested To That Fact; But The Anti Hillary Media Insist That Clinton Made A Horrible Gaffe! Read The Facts And See The C-Span Videos!

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At a press conference following her speech at the NABJ convention today, Hillary Clinton “clarified” a remark that the media insists was a horrible gaffe that FBI Director James Comey said she told the truth about her emails:


Hillary Clinton Addressed The Facts!


As Donald Trump‘s terrible week winds to a close, the mainstream media has picked up a counter-narrative that says Trump did Hillary Clinton a yuge favor by overshadowing the “gaffe” she committed last weekend when she told Fox News’ Chris Wallace that FBI DirectorJames Comey backed up her version of the “Emailgate” story. Armed with a quartet of fictional marionette heads, Republicans fashioned the narrative into a talking point that even pro-Hillary media yappers didn’t bother to refute. The “fact-checkers” have spoken. 

Except they’re wrong, every one of them, and they’re all, to some degree, lying in order to support their wrong conclusion. Mostly, they are committing a lie of omission, and so, for our more impatient readers, I will cut to the chase, on the condition that anyone who wants to argue the point with me on Twitter must read the whole thing first. The thing they are all leaving out of theirvarious andsundry fact-checking exercises is this key exchange from FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before Congress:

FBI Director James Comey admits that Hillary Clinton Did Not Lie: C-SPAN 


“That would be a reasonable inference.”

All of the “Big Three” fact-checkers acknowledged the substance of the exchange to some degree, but either downplayed or outright lid about it. Politifact said Comey called the markings “insufficient,” when what he actually did was reply “no” when asked if any of the emails were “properly marked” as classified.

FactCheckDotOrg said Comey told that hearing that those emails “could have been missed by Clinton” when what he actually said was that a person who’s an “expert at what’s classified and what’s not classified” would reasonably infer “that those three documents were not classified.”

The Washington Post‘s fact-checker, the oft-quoted Glenn Kessler,made zero mention of the exchange, instead relying on this earlier exchange that Comey himself later contradicted:

Open The Link To Read The Full Article And See The Actual Videos Via



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