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China Trying To Buy Influence Around The World Is Now Beginning To Look Like Japan When It Was At Its Peak. The Chinese Market Has Lost 2.7 Trillion Dollars Within The Past Three Weeks.

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[NYT] HONG KONG — For nearly three years, President Xi Jinping of China has crushed opposition by silencing and often locking up anyone who dares defy the government. But that aura of invincibility has been shaken by stock market speculators who have made a mockery of efforts to halt a steep slide in share prices.


The losses — Chinese shares have shed more than a quarter of their value in three weeks — pose an added risk, and possibly greater danger, to a global economy grappling with Greece’s difficulties in repaying foreign loans and its possible exit from the euro. About $2.7 trillion in value has evaporated since the Chinese stock market peaked on June 12. That is six times Greece’s entire foreign debt, or 11 years of Greece’s economic output.


Skeptical investors have so far shrugged off each step the government has taken to keep share prices aloft: an interest-rate cut, threats to punish rumormongers, allowing the national pension fund to buy stocks and even plans to investigate short-sellers who have placed bets that the market will fall.


The faltering of these measures has put an embarrassing dent in the halo of unruffled supremacy built up around Mr. Xi’s administration, and this past weekend his government doubled down again, betting that it could beat bearish market sentiment into submission.


The government rolled out further initiatives in hopes of forestalling another market rout on Monday: 21 brokerage firms agreed on Saturday to set up a fund worth at least $19.4 billion to buy blue-chip stocks, and both of the country’s stock exchanges halted all new initial public offerings.


On Sunday, the government brought in the central bank, the People’s Bank of China, and an investment arm of the country’s sovereign wealth fund to support the effort.


The China Securities Regulatory Commission, which governs the stock markets, said that the central bank would give financial support to the state-controlled China Securities Finance Corporation to “enhance its capacity to safeguard market stability.” The finance corporation lends to brokerage firms, which then lend the money to customers wanting to buy shares.


In addition, Central Huijin Investment, a company owned by the country’ssovereign wealth fund that usually invests in banks and other financial institutions, said on its website that it had recently bought into investment funds traded on the stock exchanges, and would continue to play a role in “market operations.”


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China military says US destabilizing Asia-Pacific by boosting armed forces’ presence in region…

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China is full of Bull Shit! What North Korea is doing is solely because of the Chinese Government behind the scenes support for North Korea. What China says in Public is vastly different than what they do in private.


For those who can’t see, China’s economy has slowed down and their massive investments all over the world is causing them pain at home. China knows that North Korea can’t be that stupid to start a War with America, but the North Koreans posturing helps to keep the attention away from what is really important to China – “their economy.”

 USA - CHINA APRIL 16 2013 -2

President [Charmer in Chief] Obama and Thailand’s PM

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Thailand was the first Asian Country to reach out to America after winning Independence from Britain!


Before the dinner, President Obama toasted the character and strength of the Thai people.

“Everything that I’ve felt — your dignity, your resilience, your friendship, your warmth — that is the foundation of our alliance,” he said. “It’s why you were the first Asian nation to reach out to America after we won our independence. It’s why in Asia, to this day, we can say Thailand is our oldest friend. And we are extraordinarily proud of that friendship, and we are especially pleased to see the excellent leadership that, Madam Prime Minister, you are providing as you continue this country’s path of democracy, freedom and development.”

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