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Campaign Shifts Pennsylvania Recount Effort From State To Federal Court

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Lawyers for the presidential campaign of Green Party candidate Jill Stein have changed tactics in their legal effort to force a recount of the vote in Pennsylvania, shifting their case from the state to federal level. The campaign will now seek an emergency federal-court order on Monday asking for a recount on constitutional grounds, according to the Associated Press, after having dropping their case in the state courts on Saturday. It appears the change is due to Pennsylvania setting a $1 million bond, due Monday, to proceed with the recount. Stein rejected that requirement in a statement released late Saturday:


The judge’s outrageous demand that voters pay such an exorbitant figure is a shameful, unacceptable barrier to democratic participation. This is yet another sign that Pennsylvania’s antiquated election law is stacked against voters. By demanding a $1 million bond from voters yesterday, the court made clear it has no interest in giving a fair hearing to these voters’ legitimate concerns over the accuracy, security and fairness of an election tainted by suspicion.


As Politico points out, the previous recount-cost estimate by state officials was $500,000. Stein has raised about $6.8 million for her three-state recount campaign, but that’s a few million dollars short of what the Stein camp has said it will need to pay for the effort. In other words, it’s not clear if the Stein campaign could have afforded the $1 million bond in Pennsylvania should they have been willing to pay it.


As justification for the move to federal court, Stein campaign lawyer Jonathan Abady insisted that “it has become clear that the barriers to verifying the vote in Pennsylvania are so pervasive and that the state court system is so ill-equipped to address this problem that we must seek federal court intervention.”


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What is Con Man Donald Trump Trying To Hide? Trump Suffers Two Big Defeats As His Efforts To Stop Michigan And Wisconsin Recounts Fail. Trump And Republicans Are Belligerent, Blatant White Collar Criminals!

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By Jason Easley on Fri, Dec 2nd, 2016 at 7:35 pm

Donald Trump tried to get the recounts stopped in Wisconsin and Michigan, and he has failed in both states.


Donald Trump tried to get the recounts stopped in Wisconsin and Michigan, and he has failed in both states.


In Wisconsin, “U.S. District Judge James Peterson on Friday rejected their request for a temporary restraining order to immediately halt the recount, saying there was no harm in allowing it to continue while the court considers their lawsuit. A hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for Dec. 9.”


Earlier in Michigan, the Secretary of State announced that the State Board of Canvassers rejected Trump’s objection to the recount:


These are the first two rounds in what is certain to be an intense legal battle over the recounts. However getting the recounts halted looks like it will be much more difficult that Trump allies hoped.


In a statement, Jill Stein asked what Trump is so afraid of, “In an election already tainted by suspicion, previously expressed by Donald Trump himself, verifying the vote is a common-sense procedure that would address concerns around voter disenfranchisement. Trump’s desperate attempts to silence voter demands raise a simple question: why is Donald Trump afraid of these recounts?”


Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania has been cut nearly in half, and his margin is close to triggering an automatic recount. The odds are still long that recounts will flip the election to Hillary Clinton, but it looks like the Republicans are in for a fight that they never expected on the recounts.


Rounds one and two went to the American people, but more battles will need to be won if the American people are to get the recount that they deserve.


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The System IS Rigged: The Electoral College And The 2016 Election; Rigged By Republicans For Republicans And Assisted By The Right Wing Of The Supreme Court

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[People’s World] “Donald Trump was right: the system is rigged! But it is rigged for the Republicans, not the Democrats, for conservatives, not progressives. And the result is the election of an extreme racist, misogynist authoritarian who may change the course of U.S. and even world history.


Belatedly we learn that Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump by more than two million votes, yet Trump still won the Electoral College. The public burst into an uproar in 2000 when Gore beat Bush by 550,000 votes but lost the Electoral vote. This time the public, the Clinton campaign and the press are quiet. We are glad to see Jill Stein taking the lead in contesting the vote in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.*


In fact, the Electoral College system was created by slaveholders and remains undemocratic and racist, and biased to the Republicans. Obama showed that the system can be overcome and even turned to our advantage, but the Clinton and Gore losses show it is an uphill climb.


The racist, undemocratic Electoral College



The 2016 election was only the fourth time in U.S. history that a presidential candidate has lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College, and thus the presidency. And Clinton’s winning margin of more than two million votes is by far the largest of any “losing” candidate.


Why is it that, in the 21st century, the Electoral College keeps trumping the popular vote on behalf of Republicans?



The pro-Republican bias of the Electoral College derives from two main dynamics: it overweights the impact of mostly conservative voters in small population states and it negates entirely the mostly progressive votes of nearly half of African American voters, more than half of Native American voters, and a major swath of Latino voters.


For decades now, with a couple of exceptions, Republicans have dominated rural areas, small towns, and small population states, and the Democrats control big cities and most of the big population states.


Well, the Electoral College rules give as much as three times as much weight to the mainly conservative and white Republicans in the rural states compared to states with large, racially diverse and majority Democratic populations.


This is because even the tiniest state has a minimum of three Electoral College votes, based on the rule that each state is allocated Electors based on the size of its congressional delegation (Senators plus Representatives). The Constitution provides that each state has a minimum of two Senators and one member of the House of Representatives, even if its total population is less than a single congressional district in a large state. (There are approximately 710,767 people in an average congressional district.)



For example, this year just over 245,000 people voted in Wyoming yet it has three Electoral College votes: one for every 82,000 or so voters. By comparison this year more than 12 million people voted in California which has 55 Electoral votes. So California has one Electoral vote for every 218,000 voters. Thus a voter in Wyoming carries almost three times the Electoral weight of a California voter. Indeed because every state has two senators, the general rule is that the higher the population of the state, the less impact each voter in that state carries in the Electoral College.


And, since the Republicans carry all the small population states except Rhode Island and Washington D.C. (which also gets 3 Electoral votes), this rule strongly favors them. This year the Electoral outcome was able to reverse Clinton’s large popular vote margin because, for the first time in decades, the Republicans carried the large population states of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan in addition to Texas.”


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President Obama, Russia Hacked, WikiLeaks Leaked, The FBI Shrilled, Republican Governors Suppressed The Votes, Committed Voter Fraud And Your Silence Is Threatening America’s Democracy! Why The Silence Mr. President?

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President Obama you have been an excellent President and those of us that supports you really loves you and care about you because you are a decent caring human being and have literally saved America from the George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the Republican Congress Chaos committed from 2001 through 2008, so we stand with you.


However, we know that you are fully cognizant that Republican Governors Suppressed The Votes and Committed Fraud and Donald Trump’s apparent victory is a result of Republican and Trump’s total dishonesty. What is most difficult for us to comprehend is why you have taken to “total silence” and even stated that the Election was fair?


We are also aware that you do not like confrontation, but Mr. President, this is not just about you; it is about America, The American People and the World. Apart from the Recount under way by the Third Party and Secretary Clinton Campaign that has joined in the Recount, you have the loudest voice.


Mr. Trump’s assertion that “Millions of People Voted Illegally” give you the unequivocal right to actually order an Audit of Trump’s claim as ridiculous as it may be, but Trump’s stupidity opens the door for you to act and act now you must.


Mr. President, your failure to do nothing isn’t going to sit well on the pages of History and you may or may not be aware of this, however, you are too an intelligent of a man, not to know this. And, your intervention to preserve our Democracy even after the Recount Donald Trump does become President, the pages of History will at least say, “President Obama didn’t buckle under Republican Pressure.” If you don’t, the statement will be the opposite, “you buckled.”


We stand with Secretary Hillary Clinton now and forever in this mortal world and beyond. Hillary Clinton has spent her entire adult life doing what is best for America and the world and she deserves the best from us and most certainly the best from you. It is your call!


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Attempting Blackmail Trump Threatens To Prosecute Hillary Clinton If She Pursues An Election Recount; Hillary Clinton Stood Her Ground And Didn’t Back Down!

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By Jason Easley on Sun, Nov 27th, 2016 at 2:44 pm

Trump Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway delivered a threat to prosecute Hillary Clinton if she pursues the recount during an interview on CNN’s State Of The Union.


Full transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:


“And so he said he wouldn’t rule it out. He said it’s just not his focus right now. I think he’s being quite magnanimous and at the same time he’s not undercutting at all the authority and the autonomy of the Department of Justice, of the FBI, of the House Committees, who knows where the evidence may lead if, in fact, it were — if the investigation were re-opened somewhere.


But this is the president-elect’s position right now and I would say he has been incredibly gracious and magnanimous to Secretary Clinton at a time when for whatever reason her folks are saying they will join in a recount to try to somehow undo the 70 plus electoral votes that he beat her by. I mean this — you know, I was asked on CNN and elsewhere, goodness a thousand times, will Donald Trump accept the election results? And now you’ve got the Democrats and Jill Stein saying they do not accept the election results. She congratulated him and conceded to him on election night. I was right there. And the idea that we are going to drag this out now where the president-elect has been incredible y magnanimous to the Clintons and to the Obamas is incredible.


The president doesn’t make decisions on who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t. That is not how our system works. Secondly, Donald Trump isn’t the president yet, so he has no say on what happens. What comes out of Kellyanne Conway’s mouth is usually a direct message from Trump Tower.


Conway was issuing a not so thinly veiled threat to Hillary Clinton. If Clinton’s team continues to assist with the recount, the former Secretary of State may face prosecution. The incoming administration is expressing their willingness to punish anyone who questions or expresses dissent.


If Trump is so confident in the election results, why is he so rattled by this recount?


The overblown reaction coming from Trump and his staff towards the recount might lead one to suspect that they are not as confident in the election results as is being projected publicly. Incoming presidents do not use their staff to issue veiled threats against their political opponents on national television.


Trump’s reaction to the recount and threat to prosecute Hillary Clinton is not normal, and a sign that the incoming administration has an expansive and authoritarian view of executive powers that could represent a grave danger to the civil liberties and freedoms of the American people.”

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Today’s Journalists Have Become Political Propagandists Whoring For Their Corporate Owned Bosses In The Name Of Avarice For Ratings And Mammon. The Media Is Precariously Silent About The Seriousness Of The Audit And Recount.

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Donald Trump has now claimed that Millions of people voted illegally and this irresponsible statement from Trump makes it more important to Audit and Recount all of the Votes in the Solid Blue Democratic States that went to Trump, all with less than 1% of the Vote. The Corrupt Media that propelled Donald Trump to be temporarily President-Elect, their behavior is most precarious.


Notice how the Media that propelled Con Man Donald Trump To The Republican Nominee and then President-Elect are very silent on the very serious matter of Audit and Recount of the Votes in the Solid Blue Democratic States that has Republican Governors.


The once Independent Media, all of them; 1,500 Television Stations, 9,000 Radio Stations, 2,400 Publishers, 1,500 News Papers and 1,000 Magazines are all Owned By Three [3] Corporations. How does anyone  expect these Money Hungry Parasitic Parasites to care about anything but Ratings that brings them more and more Mammon?


Do you see any constant credible reporting about the Homeless, Hungry, Veterans, Climate Change, or anything having to do with the Truth? No, period!


The Media allowed a known, certified Con Man, Bankruptcy Swindler, Groper, Sexual Predator, Pathological Liar a free pass from the day Donald Trump announced his run for the President of the United States.


The Media was so generous to Donald Trump they allowed him over Two [2] Billion Dollars of free Air Time during the Republican Primaries and they never challenged Trump for the release of his Tax Returns or his Fraudulent University or emphasized that Donald Trump filed Six ]6] Bankruptcies totaling 4.7 Billion Dollars.


Simply put, Sex Scandal, Fraud, Lies and the likes is what makes the Corrupt Corporate Media Money, hence the reason why America now faces the demise from this 70 year old Bag Of Wind With Balls For A Chin.


Americans that truly care about America, please assist in any way possible to see and verify the Audit and Recount of the Votes, because if you do, President Elect Trump will become President Unelected.


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