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Bernie Sanders Is Already Making It More Likely For Republicans To Win The White House In 2016. The Democratic Party Is Splitting Right Down The Middle. Republicans Objective Is To Divide And Conquer!

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Bernie Sanders is selling his supporters a lot of high hopes and dreams that don’t match reality, and once he loses the primaries, that will probably lead to many disenfranchised Democrats who now believe Hillary Clinton to be “not liberal enough” or “just another Republican” to stay home and not vote.


In lots of ways, far-left liberals are actually helping out the Republican Party by bashing Hillary Clinton. I have opened a Hillary Clinton Page on my Facebook Page which is under Sheriff Gerry Ali. The page was recently opened but there is a lot of activity going on in the comments. You should open the page and see.


These far-left liberal’s comments is self evident of just how delusional many people have become about Mrs. Clinton. They believe that if Hillary Clinton had to nominate Supreme Court Justices, her choices might be more conservative than many of her potential Republican opponents.


Bernie Sanders on the other hand can say and do a lot of what he’s doing now because he’s not actually trying to win. Sure, his rhetoric plays well with far-left liberals, many liberal blogs and people who care more about idealism instead of realism, but none of that is going to win in the General Presidential Election.


One thing is certain and that is if Bernie Sanders were the Democratic Nominee for President, he would get crushed in the General Election. Promulgating all of the far-left idealism is not realism and perhaps, just perhaps, if Democrats can see that what Republicans are doing and wake up in the very near future, we may still be able to hold on to the White House. In the final analysis, Republicans with the Crazy Train Bunch are fully cognizant they cannot beat Hillary Clinton in the General Election, so there plan is to “Divide and Conquer.”


Whoever wins the primaries, the Democrats as a party are going to lose, and when we fall, the rest of America will echo it along with us. I hope everyone is happy. We’ve just made it easier for the Republicans to win even though we know exactly what the country will be like under their rule. Democrats should feel ashamed right now. [Source for some information is from “forward progressives”]


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America Needs To Keep The White House Under Democratic Control. The Economy Is Bouncing Back Strong Once Again And Republicans Are Hoping To Win In Order To Wreck America Again. Please Look At The Three Images In This Blog As It Relates To Bernie Sanders And What The Hispanic Vote Says About Mr. Sander’s Chances.

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Even as Bernie Sanders moves up in the polls, many people are realizing that there’s a big hole in his coalition: black voters.


Barack Obama won a razor-thin victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primaries seven years ago in large part because black voters supported Mr. Obama by a 5-to-1 margin. Without their support, he would have lost, and lost big — probably by more than 20 points in the national popular vote.


As a result, many have framed Mr. Sanders’s challenge in racial terms. But his challenge in getting the support of nonwhite voters is not simply a problem of race. It’s primarily a problem with moderate and less educated Democrats, regardless of race, which disproportionately affects his support among nonwhite voters. His challenge among black voters may be no greater than his challenge among ideologically and demographically similar white voters.


It’s not very fair to Mr. Sanders, or any liberal Democrat, to judge his support among black voters by comparing him with Mr. Obama. In 2008, there was a strong relationship between the proportion of a demographic group that self-identified as liberal and Mr. Obama’s strength against Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Obama lost all of the least liberal groups of the Democratic Party, except black voters.


Without Mr. Obama’s unusual strength among black voters, another challenge to Mrs. Clinton on her left would struggle to keep Mrs. Clinton from doing well enough on moderates to deny her the nomination. The easiest way to think about Mr. Sanders’s challenge is to remember Mr. Obama’s weakness among Hispanic voters in 2008. Over all, Mr. Obama lost Hispanic voters by 26 points against Mrs. Clinton — worse than his margin among white voters.


Mr. Obama’s weakness among Hispanic voters didn’t fit neatly into the conventional explanation of Mr. Obama’s challenges in 2008. Commentators often presumed that Mr. Obama was weak among less liberal and less educated white voters because of racism, so they undertook tortured efforts to fit Hispanic voters into the same frame, arguing that Hispanic voters wouldn’t vote for a black candidate, perhaps because of urban rivalries between blacks and Hispanics.


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