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An adolescent trapped in a fat pig’s body!

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See him with his toy? He is always peeking trying to be the big military man for which he is not. Amazing isn’t it, how a country with a system that allowed a 29 year old thoughtless  and reckless kid, to endanger their nation with these internecine advocacies that could very well be the caused for the destruction of their country and their people.


Just because President Obama hasn’t responded verbally to these childish insanities doesn’t mean he will sit in the White House and allow the son and grand son of “mad people,” to cause harm to America or its allies. If this capriciousness continues, North Korea, the country, could very well become part of the “The Sea of Japan.”

At this defining moment for George H. W. Bush, he should apologize for the misery his son brought unto the American people!

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George W. H Bush was complacent during his son’s debauchery and recklessness during George W. Bush’s stewardship as President!


Former President George W. H. Bush was fully cognizant of the “monster” he had raised and the capriciousness of his son, George W. Bush, whose policies created an Orwellian Terror State and bankrupted a once great Nation. George W. Bush could never bring himself to admit any wrong; much less apologize to the American people for which his policies left them literally bankrupt and decimated. 


George W. Bush’s actions during his Presidency was nothing short of disdain and impunity. At the end of his Presidential two terms, America’s landing was so hard that we fragmented into so many pieces it may take another five to ten years, just to find the pieces and then, subsequently glue them back together.


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