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“To a more peaceful and loving world”

The hour had come and the tears begun
He stood His ground and did not run,
God in the flesh facing death
The Almighty had no regret

With blood of sweat for our expiation
He chose to save us from damnation,
What did Jesus see through His tear filled eyes?
With pangs that made Him cry

He did no wrong, His heart had no avarice
Do we comprehend His penitential sacrifice?
His miracles so great on water He peregrinate
This He did to save us from hell and Hades gate

A crown of thorns and leather striking His back
He carried the cross to save us from the dark,
On the cross God’s precious and loving Son
Eloi, Eloi, the price is paid and now it is done…

© Sheriff G Ali 2003 -2014



Author’s Comments:

“No greater love is there than to lay down one’s life for another.” [JESUS CHRIST] Labor to help others and strive to encourage them!  The Lord laid down His life so we can rise again. If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. Those that are truly forgiven are anxious not to offend again – this is possession of “Justification.”



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Sitting in the cafe gazing out the door
I saw a scepter, such beauty, I had never seen before,
I wondered if this paragon would simply come and dine
From which “bodega” was this most precious wine

She pondered for a while
Walking through the foyer, O! What a pretty smile!
Gracefully, she sat, and I breathed a breath of sigh,
Now that she was closer, she was as pretty as the sky

Luxurious tresses sat on her shoulders and sparkles in her eyes
Yahweh used a special alabaster, to create his jewel child,
Who is this? Thundered into my apace mind
Such beauty, my sense for reason became blind

Sometimes beauty and deception are intertwined
This jewel child was not just elegant, but truly sublime,
Our sojourner’s walk is apart as the Raven and the Dove
This mystical feeling, I wondered if its love?

I know not what the tomorrows hold for this jewel child of beauty!
But, if God grants my wish to be with her, I pray for perpetuity…

©Sheriff G Ali 2003-2013



Author’s Comments:
“God in his Majesty should always be praised for his marvelous works in all of life. To be not just attractive, but pretty, with the most wonderful and caring heart and soul, these are blessings that are innumerable.