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Trump Administration Warned Russia In Advance Of The US Strike And Syria Evacuated The Base. More Than Half Of The Missiles Fired Didn’t Reach The Empty Target!

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Donald Trump, Master Con Man is playing the Media like a Violin and just like the “suckers” they are, they have swallowed it Hook, Line and Sinker.


Donald Trump would do anything, I mean anything, including starting World War 111 to deflect attention from the Federal Government closing in on Trump’s involvement with Russia during the 2016 Election.


Four People Have Fallen Thus Far:


Michael Flynn – Resigned

Devin Nunes   – Recused

Jeff Session    – Recused

Steve Bannon – Demoted


Just imagine, 24 hours before the Cruise Missile was launched Donald Trump told the world he doesn’t want to be the World’s President. His Secretary of State had a bizarre response subsequent to Syria’s Chemical attack on its Citizens and yet, Trump made a capricious decision like he always does, conning and scheming. Yes America and the world should do something about the Killer in Damascus, but there is a conspiracy that includes more than Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Bashar al Assad,  to keep Puppet Trump as President.


Thursday’s misadventure with Trump playing Soldier, those 59 Missiles and the Operation cost the Tax Payers 83 Million Dollars and ask yourself, what purpose it served. Donald Trump and Republicans have blocked Syrian Refugees from entering the United States, but they are launching bombs with no plans or resolve.  [There would be more to report on this Con Man Charade].


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Tear Gas [CS] that is prohibited in warfare by the Chemical Weapons Convention that was signed in 1993 by many countries including the United States is still legal Domestically and used against its Citizens

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Tear Gas was prohibited for us in warfare by the Chemical Weapons Convention that was signed by many countries including the United States in 1993. It is classified as a chemical warfare agent. However, despite CS [Tear Gas] being considered a chemical warfare agent and prohibited in warfare, it does not apply to domestic use and it is used by Police legally in many countries, including the United States.


In many instances where harassing agent have been used, negotiations and dialogue could have pursued. Often, public order might be better served if riot Police are not called immediately to duty. It is the hallmark of repressive regimes to equate the voicing of dissent with disorder and to deny opponents the freedom of assembly and speech, right guaranteed universally among signatories to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


How it works


The effects of CS can vary widely and are dependent on the dosage received, duration exposed, and whether the chemical is packaged as a volatile solution or used as an aerosol. “Tear gases are nerve gases that specifically activate pain-sensing nerves,” explained scientist Sven-Eric Jordt, who studies the effects of tear gas and other chemicals at Yale University School of Medicine, in an interview with National Geographic last year. Though this sounds extreme, medical professionals have concluded that CS gas poses little danger when used appropriately. “No consistent adverse effects from acute exposure have been documented, nor has excessive or unfounded use been a problem, “says, research director for the Department of Emergency Medicine and Clinical Toxicology at the University of Tennessee.



After exposure, the effects of CS are generally felt within 60 seconds. The most immediate effects are irritation of the eyes, skin and mucous membranes, leading to burning sensations, tearing, coughing, and, if swallowed, vomiting. Burning of the skin, excessive fluid production in the eyes, nose and throat, disorientation and dizziness are common. Most of these subside within an hour if the exposed individual is removed from the scene into a well-ventilated area and removes clothing contaminated by the chemical. However, severe reactions to the chemical have occurred, and include blistering, irreversible damage to the eyes, heart and liver damage, respiratory distress, and heart failure. People with asthma or otherwise weakened respiratory systems are particularly at risk of life-threatening complications. While there are no confirmed fatalities from CS exposure, tear gasses in general have had lethal effects, and CS specifically has been implicated in at least one death during an aggravated arrest.


Medical opinion on its use


Not all professionals agree that CS is safe enough for domestic use. “Tear gas under the Geneva Convention is characterized as a chemical warfare agent, and so it is precluded for use in warfare,” explains Jordt, “but it is used very frequently against civilians. That’s very illogical.”


“The possibility of long-term health consequences such as tumor formation, reproductive effects and pulmonary disease is especially disturbing in view of the multiple exposures sustained by demonstrators and non-demonstrators alike in some areas of civil unrest” wrote Howard Hu and five other medical doctors in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1989. “The evidence already assembled regarding the pattern of use of tear gas as well as its toxicology raises the question of whether its further use can be condoned under any conditions.” The doctors came down hard on current police use of the substance: [Discover Magazine]


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President Obama seeking Congressional Approval is not BLINKING, he is THINKING!

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Obama is not trying to win a Civil War in Syria, he is seeking to punish and dissuade the Syrian Regime on any further use of Chemical Weapons. The United States and the World has a moral obligation to carry out this action.


The International Community banned the use of Chemical and Biological Weapons in 1925, subsequent to World War 1, and the ban was reinforced in 1972 and 1993.


Over the past two weeks President Obama and his administration clearly stated that the President “did not” make any decision on how he was going to handle Syria, but was looking at the options provided to him by his Military Advisors.


It was only on Saturday August 31, 2013, the President announced that he has made the decision to strike Syria, but he was going to seek Congressional Approval.


Most of the Media that strive on news of “mayhem; death, destruction and scandals of all sorts,” have criticized the President for seeking Congressional Approval. Perhaps, just perhaps, the delay in Military Action interrupted the Media’s thirst to report “tragedy.”


Amazingly enough, this criticism was not limited to the usual suspects; Fox News and CNN.  I was most surprised to see David Gregory of Meet the Press, verbally tormenting Secretary of State, John Kerry, solely because the President sought Congressional Approval.


It shouldn’t be difficult for the American people to remember that it was the same Media that failed to ask questions of former President George W. Bush, but helped to sell Bush’s fantasy about Iraq’s Chemical Weapons, that to this day, “the stench of Iraq’s misery, is still with us and the International Community.”


The International Community banned the use of Chemical and Biological Weapons in 1925, subsequent to World War 1, and the ban was reinforced in 1972 and 1993.


The Syrian Government’s use of Chemical Weapons against its own people, is not just an American problem, it is the World’s problem. Thus, it is only fitting that President Obama seeks to have International Assistance in the case of Syria. The problem with the rest of the world is that they agree that what the Syrian Government did by killing over 1,400 of their own people [some 400 children] with the use of Chemical Weapons is a crime, but they stop short on offering any assistance.


So, with only France standing firm with America, it was very intelligent of the President to seek Congressional Approval. The President is also attending the G-20 Summit this week in St. Petersburg, Russia, and it may be his thinking that he might be able to persuade a few more countries to form a COALITION that would suggest to others, that we are not reverting back to the recklessness of Bush and Cheney “go it alone attitude.”


In addition, the War Weary Americans do not really want America to be involved in another war, and short of saying no, the American people by 80%, requested that the President seek Congressional Approval before any Military Action is taken.


It is amazing to witness the criticism of President Obama when others thought he was going to by-pass Congress and when he did not, they criticize him for doing so!


You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t!