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New GOP Congress coming in to give more to the Rich at the cost of 95% of the American People

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Republicans hiding behind man made Religion and false Patriotism are a National and International Disgrace


Our humanity comes not from giving more to those who already have more than enough, but, by helping those who have too little.


The Middle Class and Poor that vote Republican vote against their own interest; have failed to see that Republicans only finance the very Rich and Wars.


One has to wonder! George W Bush and the Republican Controlled Congress crashed and burned America and yet, the majority of Voters have now placed Republicans back in total control of Congress. Do we as a Nation now have more uninformed, uneducated, ignorant and brainwashed people in America Today?


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CNN, Republicans, Ebola, ISIS And Fear Is – Indivisible!

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CNN Has become the biggest Promoter of Republicans and ISIS. Prior to the Mid Term Elections CNN 24/7 BREAKING NEWS promulgated FEAR; on behalf of the GOP – Ebola Crisis; ISIS a Real Threat To The Homeland; Obama had the worst approval ratings than any other President.


As soon as the Returns were coming in on November 4, 2014, there was no more EBOLA; ISIS; but they kept on insinuating that President Obama’s had record low ratings and were the reason why Democrats lost the Senate and Seats in the House. To call yourself News and fail to be impartial and tell blatant lies, makes you Tabloid.


President Obama has had the highest approval ratings since John F Kennedy. Ronald Regan fell to 35% and George W Bush hit 19%, and yet, CNN’s Hosts and their Guests including David Gergen willfully mislead the American People, not only with Obama’s ratings but filling them with FEAR and we all know Republicans have nothing to run on but FEAR.


I do not look at Fox News; simply put they are hate, bigotry, prejudice, liars and crooks, plain and simple, “trash.”


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