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Republicans dug their own graves

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Republicans dug their own graves and buried themselves and now they are blaming the shovel.

GOP war mongers created two wars at a cost of 5.1 trillion dollars to date. Dick Cheney made 39.5 billion dollars from the Iraq war tragedy and so did Republicans and their friends.

You have an opportunity in November to remove the Do Nothing Republican Congress and prevent them from taking over the Senate. Your only duty is to go out and vote and encourage others to vote, but we must vote BLUE. IMG_20140806_203231

Former President Lyndon B Johnson was asked; Why Poor And Middle Class Republicans Vote Against Their Own Interest? President Johnson’s response;

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“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s is better than the best colored man, he won’t know you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him someone to look down on and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” Lyndon B Johnson


Please note:

Use of Former President Lyndon B Johnson statement is not an indictment on all whites, it was used in the context of Republicans having “preyed” and continue to “prey” on the uninformed into actually brainwashing them. Racism exists in all Societies. “It is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they are being fooled.”


However, I do believe that most people today do recognize that since Barack Obama became President, President Johnson’s statement remains alive and well. Look at the “Trolls” commenting on Fox News and on Remarks made my Republicans and it is self evident that Johnson’s statement is actual facts. The Trolls comment reads; Obama is dumb! Obama is stupid: Obama is the worst President ever, and things of that nature.


Considering President Obama graduated Magana Cum Laude From Harvard and taught Constitutional Law and in one attempt at the age of 46, he was elected President of The United States with approximately 65 million votes that included Whites, Blacks, Hispanic, Orientals and across the spectrum. In 2012, despite the fierce Opposition and thrashing by the Republicans, Obama was reelected with approximately 65 million votes.


Considering the damage Bush and Cheney did to America in their eight years of America’s Steward, Obama’s accomplishments are humongous. But, would the Right-Wing which includes Fox News and the other extremists ever give President Obama credit, “not in this life time.”


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It is not Politically Correct, so the News wouldn’t admit it, but Cruz, Palin, Perry, Bachmann and the extreme right wing will never accept…

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The fifty percent African American President! Obama will never mention it because he is too much of a dignified gentleman; however, I strongly believe that Obama is fully cognizant that even if he came up with a cure for cancer, these wretched racists’ mortals would still have hate in them, even in their graves.


Bush and Cheney spent the five trillion dollar surplus; on top of that they added five trillion dollars worth of new debt and if that wasn’t bad enough, they left trillions of dollars in debts, for the unpaid wars they started and never completed.


In 2008 the country and the entire financial system was in a free fall; 800,000 jobs were being lost monthly; banks were crashing by the dozens every month wiping out peoples’ savings; scheming Goldman Sachs and the Banks with their derivatives derived from American Home Owners Mortgages collapsed the real estate market and millions of hard working honest people lost their homes and their life savings. Our financial system was on the verge of collapse with the Auto Industry in the tank; AIG Insurance were on the brink of bankruptcy that would have cost the tax payers 1.5 trillion, had it not been for Obama’s 180 Billion Dollars intervention, for which all of the 180 billion were repaid with interest.


The ill advice war in Iraq cost in excess of 1.7 trillion dollars; our occupation in Afghanistan has crossed over 1.2 trillion and the saddest of all; 4,500 soldiers were killed; thousand of amputees, some of them paraplegics and fifty thousand plus have mental problems, and despite their unwavering service to their country, those that returned home thus far, most of them cannot find work.


The Republicans blocked every attempt to jump start the economy that could have provided jobs for our returning heroes with positive and productive projects, such as totally rebuilding America’s infrastructure. This would have provided millions of jobs to the American people, but, for them, it is about protecting the 2% at the top and screwing the 98% at the bottom, but more than that, trying to obstruct and demean the President at every turn.


This is what President Obama inherited and do you think for a moment that the Republicans in Congress weren’t aware of the ditch that Bush threw us into? And what did they do from the very inception of Obama’s Presidency? Mitch McConnell swore that his main objective wasn’t what was good for the American people, but rather, he said he was going to make certain that Obama was a one term President.


Just look at the House Republicans how they have shut down the Government in their failed Obamacare (ACA) coup d’etat, and have subsequently resorted to playing Russian Roulette with the debt ceiling.


The American people can overcome all of this madness because they have their say at the ballot box. The questions are; would they allow themselves to be placated from hate; being brainwashed or uninformed or both, when they cast their vote again in 2014?


When ever I post articles such as these, the brain-dead, brainwashed and the uninformed comments amount to a few words; “Yawn;” “Liberal;” and, even with a flash light and two pens and paper, it is real hell for them to string a coherent sentence together!