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Dying Alone In The City Of Lights – 50,000 Die Lonely And All Alone

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[NYT] They found him in the living room, crumpled up on the mottled carpet. The police did. Sniffing a fetid odor, a neighbor had called 911. The apartment was in north-central Queens, in an unassertive building on 79th Street in Jackson Heights.


The apartment belonged to a George Bell. He lived alone. Thus the presumption was that the corpse also belonged to George Bell. It was a plausible supposition, but it remained just that, for the puffy body on the floor was decomposed and unrecognizable. Clearly the man had not died on July 12, the Saturday last year when he was discovered, nor the day before nor the day before that. He had lain there for a while, nothing to announce his departure to the world, while the hyperkinetic city around him hurried on with its business.


Neighbors had last seen him six days earlier, a Sunday. On Thursday, there was a break in his routine. The car he always kept out front and moved from one side of the street to the other to obey parking rules sat on the wrong side. A ticket was wedged beneath the wiper. The woman next door called Mr. Bell. His phone rang and rang.


Then the smell of death and the police and the sobering reason that George Bell did not move his car.


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In Memory Of My Brother Jamal Ali Died Of Brain Tumor At Age 26, November 19. RIP

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Beyond This World Of Wrath And Tears


In the clutch of pains that follow me

From my head down to my sole,

I wonder what life holds’ for me?

In the darkness of my world



Despite the pangs I would not complain

Even when I pine,

And though at times I feel disdain

I know, I am wholly Thine



Beyond this world of wrath and tears

Looms, but the Heavens’ above,

With freedom from pains or fears

And the bounty of my Father’s love



So, in the midst of my circumstance

In this blessed evening shade,

I’ll live by faith and not by chance

Strong in heart and unafraid!



© Sheriff G Ali 2014



 Pain breaks not the calm of the sweet twilight of age, for strength made perfect in weakness bears up with patience under it all. Ripe fruits of choice experience are gathered as the rare repast of life’s evening, and the soul prepares itself for rest.



The Lord’s people shall also enjoy light in the hour of death. Unbelief laments; the shadows fall, the night is coming, existence is ending. Ah no, crieth faith, the night is far spent, the true day is at hand. Light is come, the light of immortality, the light of a Father’s countenance. Gather up thy feet in thy bed; see the waiting bands of spirits!



Angeles waft thee away. Farewell, beloved one, thou art gone, thou wavest thine hand. Ah, now it is light. The pearly gates are open; the golden streets shine in the jasper light. We cover our eyes, but thou beholdest the unseen, adieu, beloved, thou hast light at even-tide, such as we have not yet! AMEN!



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We must remember our past before we condemn those that are fighting to find their own; “HOME OF THE FREE AND LAND OF THE BRAVE.”

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America must remember its own past before condemning Egypt and the other Arab Nations, as they seek Democracy and a better way of life!


Despite our Declaration of Independence as described in the brief summary below, we had our own Civil War that lasted from 1861 to 1865 when Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant. Approximately SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND people lost their lives, so we must be mindful and considerate as other Nations, seek to FIND their own; “HOME OF THE FREE AND LAND OF THE BRAVE.


[The Declaration’s most important diplomatic effect was to allow for recognition of the United States by friendly foreign governments. The Sultan of Morocco mentioned American ships in a consular document in 1777, but Congress had to wait until the 1778 Treaty of Alliance with France for a formal recognition of U.S. independence. The Netherlands acknowledged U.S. independence in 1782. Although Spain joined the war against Great Britain in 1779, it did not recognize U.S. independence until the 1783 Treaty of Paris. Under the terms of the treaty, which ended the War of the American Revolution, Great Britain officially acknowledged the United States as a sovereign and independent nation.]


The people of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and other Arab countries are no different than we were when we were trying to find out way to Self Governance. Democracy is a noble objective, but it is messy and filled with death, destruction and stained with blood. We need to step back and stop being so self-righteous in our condemnation of the Arab Spring, because it is going to take more than a couple of years for these people to sort of their differences and become Nations of Law and Order.


We must not forget that we “propped-up” many of the Dictators in this region of the world that literally brutalized their people for decades and we did so for our own self interest; – OIL. Rather than the Politicians using every opportunity to demoralize these people just like the News Media, we need to nurture them with HOPE that one day they too will enjoy the sacrifices they are making.


There are skirmishes in several of these countries but our Civil War was fought in thousands of different places, from southern Pennsylvania to Texas; from New Mexico to the Florida Cost and the majority of the fighting took place in the states of Virginia and Tennessee. Our Civil War was also contested on the Atlantic Ocean as far off as the coast of France, the Gulf of Mexico, and the brown water of the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

Just look at the New York Times Head Line!

             Hundreds die!

USA CIVIL WAR 1861-1865