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The Trump Presidency Exposed America’s Problem With The Electoral College Whereby Republican Governors Purged Minority Voters In Florida, Michigan And Wisconsin, Allowing America’s Biggest Con Man The Presidency!

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Philip Roth Of The New Yorker Said It Best!


[“I found much that was alarming about being a citizen during the tenures of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. But whatever I may have seen as their limitations of character or intellect neither was anything like as humanly impoverished as Donald Trump is;


Ignorant of Government, Of History, Of Science, Of Philosophy, Of Art, Incapable Of Expressing Or recognizing Subtlety or Nuance, Destitute Of All Decency, And Wielding A Vocabulary Of Seventy-Seven Words That Is Better Called Jerkish than English.”]


Republicans and the Corrupt Media went after Hillary Clinton like a hungry Lion determined to catch its Prey at all cost. These two Groups never relented on Hillary’s Email or Benghazi, however, Vulgar, Con Man, Rogue, Swindler, Bigot, Fascist, Racist and illegitimate President, Donald Trump and his Staff are violating the Constitution and the Laws of America every day and the Media’s attention span is limited at best and the fraudulent Republican Congress are either enabling the Violations or are blatantly silent.


Republican Governors in Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin Purged Minority Voters in excess of two million plus, allowing the Biggest Crook In History to become President of The United States.


Donald Trump, Kelly Ann Conway, Mike Spence and others in the Trump Administration have and continue to violate the Emoluments Clause and the Constitution each and every day and the Democrats that hold the Minority in the House and Senate are just helpless, while the fraudulent Republicans continue their blatant abuse of America and the American People.


When does it end or should it be when would it end? We can only hope sooner than later, least we end up not having a respected Country but another Totalitarian Government or perhaps a Banana Republic.


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Vladimir Putin’s Successful Coup d’état On Election 2016 With Assistance From Donald Trump, FBI James Comey, Mitch McConnell And Other Republicans And A Non-Responsive White House To Russia’s Cyber Assault, Elected Donald Trump President.

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At a cost of 80 Billion Taxpayers Dollars Annually for 17 Intelligence Agencies, US Officials including President Obama, literally ignored Putin’s threat and Donald Trump’s encouragement of Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton and the DNC, the United States Democracy has taken a hit from an enemy, Vladimir Putin, without Russia having to fire even ONE BULLET! It is mind boggling to think that we spend a minimum of 650 Billion Dollars Annually on Defense and yet, we allowed the enemy and American Traitors such as Trump, Comey, McConnell and others to assault America.


From The FBI Director and others within the Federal Bureau Of Investigators, to Mitch McConnell hiding the Russian Cyber Assault on America, to Russia’s Puppet Donald Trump publicly encouraging Russia to Hack America and Republican Governors controlling Red and Blue States, disenfranchised millions of Minority Voters, enabling by fraud, Donald Trump to become President Elect.


The 2016 Presidential Election is a INVALID ELECTION and should Donald Trump go from President Elect to President Of The United States, America’s credibility of always boasting about Democracy is going to be harmed more than it has already within the United States and around the world.


India, one of the world’s largest Democracy with a population of 1.2 Billion People, 751 Million Plus voted in India’s most recent election and by all accounts, the election was graded a “fair election.”


And yet, America that is always bombing, killing and overthrowing governments in the name of Democracy, the United States ended up with one of the most dishonest election in 2016.


From Moscow to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina and other States, foreign intervention and blatant Republican fraud elected America’s Biggest Con Man, Bankruptcy Swindler, Groper and Pathological Liar, Donald Trump.


Trump Lost the popular vote to Clinton by close to 3 million votes and despite America’s most fraudulent election, the hypocritical democracy of America continues to propel Donald Trump to take the Oath Of Office. Today is the last day to stop Donald Trump when the Electoral College votes and can stop Trump, but that is more improbable than possible.


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Hillary Clinton Takes On The Fight Directly For The Presidency Demanding The CIA Declassify The Russian Election Involvement And In Addition, Demanding That The Obama Administration Come Clean With What And When They Knew About Putin’s Involvement.

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In fairness to Secretary Hillary Clinton, both she and her campaign had forewarned everyone of Russia’s involvement to sway the Election to Donald Trump and Hillary’s disappointment with FBI Director James Comey’s Pernicious Letter, 11 days before the Election.


Hillary Clinton is going for the Political Kill and Donald Trump is a “Free-Fall Panic.” Trump just filed “Bogus Legal Action in an Attempt to Stop the Electoral College from Denying Him the Fraudulent Presidency.” Trump is on shady grounds because even Republicans are now on board investigating Vladimir Putin and Russia’s involvement in America’s Election.

[New York Times] “Clinton campaign demands declassification of election intelligence.


As the swirl of allegations around Russia’s efforts to elect Mr. Trump roils Washington, one voice has been absent: Hillary Clinton’s.


John D. Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, broke the silence on her behalf, demanding the declassification of all information about Russia’s meddling as well as an explanation from the Obama administration of what it knew and when it knew it.


“We now know that the C.I.A. has determined Russia’s interference in our elections was for the purpose of electing Donald Trump,” Mr. Podesta wrote in a statement. “This should distress every American. Never before in the history of our republic have we seen such an effort to undermine the bedrock of our democracy.”


“This is not a partisan issue, and we are glad to see bipartisan support in the Congress for an investigation into Russia’s role,” he continued. “We believe that the administration owes it to the American people to explain what it knows regarding the extent and manner of Russia’s interference and this be done as soon as possible. To that end, we also support the request from members of the Senate Intelligence Committee to declassify information around Russia’s roles in the election and to make this data available to the public.”


Thrown on the defensive, Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, said on Monday that the White House did not announce a major probe of Russia’s interference before the election partly because many voters would have seen such an announcement as political meddling.


He said Russia did not hack the electoral process or the counting of votes.


“But what is also clear is that the results of the hack and leak effort carried out on the orders of Russia were extensively discussed prior to the election,” Mr. Earnest said.


Trump continues Russia denial — via Twitter.


With evidence mounting that Russian intelligence promoted his election, the president-elect continued his denial, via Twitter.”


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Now they’re trying to steal 2016: The demented GOP schemes to rewire the Electoral College and elect a Tea Party president!

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Republicans know they can’t win the popular vote. You won’t believe sick schemes they’ve launched to get around it.


Republicans have only won the popular vote for president once in the last 25 years, a steep decline in their fortunes from the period from 1972 to 1988, when they won the popular vote every time but one–1976, the aftermath of Watergate. Add to that massive policy failures and demographic trends against them, and the motivations to cheat are overwhelming.


Voter suppression seemed promising at first—and it’s helpful in many downticket races—but it’s not going to be enough to secure the White House. So they’ve been working on another idea as well—make the popular vote totally irrelevant by leaving red states just as they are, with statewide winners getting all the electoral votes, while making electoral votes more or less proportional in as many blue states as possible—many of which the GOP controls at the state level. If they can rewrite the rules fast enough, they could even win in 2016, with no more votes than Mitt Romney received.


Republicans have been fiddling with various Electoral College schemes since at least 2011 (in Michigan and Pennsylvania), with an upsurge of interest in early 2013, following Romney’s disappointing loss. “How Romney Could Have Won: A changed system would mean changed results” was the title of a January 2013 National Review story, capturing the mood at the time. Romney needn’t have won a single additional popular vote, you see. Just divvy up Electoral College votes by congressional district, and voilà! President, President Romney, Mr. 47 Percent! “[F]or those frustrated over 2012’s results,” the story concluded, “it might be worth thinking about whether it’s time to overhaul the system itself.”



 The buzz faded rather quickly, but now, post-midterm elections, it seems to be staging a modest comeback—and the GOP’s sheer desperation means it would be foolish to ignore this ongoing threat to our democracy. Renewed talk of rewrite schemes actually began even before the midterm election, according to a late-October story by Michigan political columnist Susan J. Demas, and a watered-down scheme emerged after the election, she reported, which would give most of the electoral votes to the statewide winner, but give some to the loser as well. “It’s like a participation trophy in pre-school tee-ball,” Demas wrote, “only Michigan is trying to build up the self-esteem of Republican wannabe leaders of the free world.” [Salon<dot>com]


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