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Eric Holder, A Champion of Civil Rights, if Not of Civil Liberties, Just Like His Hero Bobby Kennedy

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WASHINGTON — Something was not quite right when Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. had his photograph taken recently at Department of Justice headquarters. The wrong painting was on the wall behind him.


Aides scurried to reorganize the portraits so subsequent photographs would capture Mr. Holder, in the best light, framed by his hero: Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.


Mr. Holder, who announced his resignation Thursday, frequently invoked the Kennedy legacy as he made civil rights the centerpiece of his six-year tenure. He succeeded in reducing lengthy prison sentences, opened civil rights investigations against police departments in record numbers and challenged identification requirements for voters.


“I have loved the Department of Justice ever since, as a young boy, I watched Robert Kennedy prove during the civil rights movement how the department can — and must always — be a force for that which is right,” Mr. Holder said at a White House farewell on Thursday. [NYT]


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Ferguson Police: This is not Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea or some far off land. This is the United States of America! Killing an unarmed Teenager, it is Murder!

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Michael Brown is just one of the many African American Teenagers killed by trigger happy White Police. The Police kill with impunity because they have a sense that their act as barbaric and criminal as it is would have no consequences.


Michael Brown was killed in broad-daylight and there are witnesses. Five days later and the Police Chief of Ferguson still have refused to release the name of the Officer that killed Mike Brown.


See the writing on the wall. The Police Chief remarks on Thursday that the Officer suffered bruises to his face and was taken to the Hospital, seems to be another George Zimmerman type of defense scheme that is being “cooked up.”


The Ferguson Police Department has no business with the Military Type Equipment in the way of Vehicles, Guns and other Munitions. Perhaps, just perhaps, Ferguson Police Officers are watching too many Rambo and Die Hard Movies! Stop them now or the price of African teenager’s lives would surely be much more compromised.


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General Michael Hayden [R] and Thomas Pickering [R] investigated the Benghazi tragedy and found no cover-up or scandal!

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There isn’t any scandal and frankly I don’t know what all the hype is all about. When there isn’t any real news the media that strives of scandals, they formulate one with “loose talking heads.” The worst of them, Fox News!


Two very respected people, Thomas Pickering and General Michael Vincent Hayden [Neither of them are left wing liberals] was put in charge to investigate the Benghazi Tragedy. They found no cover-up; no scandal; but recommended that greater steps be taken in securing our Embassies around the world. On Sunday May 12, Mr. Pickering was on Meet The Press and he scolded Congressman Darrell Isa [R] for politicizing the tragedy. Pickering told David Gregory there isn’t any cover-up or scandal.


On the matter of the Associated Press, this is not the first Administration to invoke National Security to find answers to leaks of Classified Information.


On the IRS targeting of Conservative Groups, Obama fired the Acting Commissioner and sought to overhaul areas that would prevent low level rouges, from repeating the disgusting behavior that a few carried out.


So, where is the smoking Gun? It is in the minds of the Republicans in Congress and the Republican Party that has lost their way and is trying to find a way out of the dismal path they have created for themselves. We must not fall for the Media’s Hype because at the end of the day, they are creating news with the truth or the untruth to satisfy their Corporate Owners.


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