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President Hillary Clinton Would Be Protecting America Not Wrecking The United States As Donald Trump Is Doing!

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President Obama and the Corrupt Corporate Media such as the New York Times, willfully suppressed the ‘fact” that the Federal Government had obtained Search Warrants from the FISA COURT for Treasonous Acts between Donald Trump And Russia. As the New York Times pointed out in their Confession of Suppression, “their suppression of these facts as was requested by the FBI could have made all the difference in the outcome of America’s First Undemocratic And Fraudulent General Election in 240 years.”


If President Obama And The Media “Not” Suppressed Donald Trump’s Domestic Crimes, Trump And Putin’s Treason, Republicans Voter Suppression, Trump Wouldn’t Be Wrecking America And Dismantling President Obama’s Achievements, Polices And Legacy, Hillary Clinton Would Have Been The Great Protector.


President Obama has done a great service for and to America and the American people considering what Obama inherited from George W Bush on January 20, 2009, however, in life we are more responsible for the “things we didn’t do than the things we did do.”


Realistically, what good is all of President Obama’s achievements now that it is being dismantled by the most Crooked Person, worst than Richard Nixon, Donald Trump and the Republican Congress?


Donald Trump has signed Executive Orders that would destroy; The ACA [OBAMACARE], Revived the dangerous Keystone Pipeline, Cut Mortgage Interest deductions for the most needy, revived the Dakota Pipeline, initiated moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem, incited Benjamin Netanyahu to increase “Israeli Settlements on Palestinian Land, attempting to withdraw The United States from The United Nations and “Literally Fracture NATO,” all for his friend, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.


Donald Trump will be impeached, but by the time that transpires, the carnage that would be left from Trump’s and the Republicans Wreckage, America would find it most difficult to reinsert itself as a World Leader and America, Americans and the World would suffer the Egregious Machinations from Trump and Republicans Evil.



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Do Not Be Complacent! What Donald Trump And Republicans Are Doing Right Now Is Exactly Duplicating Adolf Hitler’s Germany In The 1930’s. Remember, As Bad As it Was, Everything Hitler Did Was Legal!

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“The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Prevail Is For Good People To Do Nothing.”


 History Repeats Itself: It Didn’t Start With The Gas Chambers! It Started With Politicians Playing On The Prejudices Of A Christian Nation; With A Message Of Us Versus Them, Intolerance And Hate Speech; Denying Basic Rights And Ordinary Citizens Turning A Blind Eye, Exactly What Is Happening In America With Donald Trump And Republicans.


Notice how the most Powerful People (Starting From The Top) are surprisingly silent as the Law Breaker, Con Man and Crook, Donald Trump has and continues to break the Law every hour of every day.


Remember, all that Adolf Hitler was doing and did, were all legal, because Policy Makers either assisted Hitler or were conspicuously silent, the same thing that is happening in America at the present time.


The United States Government knew that Russia was Hacking America for years, and as it turned out, Russia’s Hacking is what propelled Donald Trump to the Presidency, along with Republicans Larceny, FBI Shelling and a regressed White House.


Time is running out as we approach High-Noon, January 20, 2017, to take the Giant Step of Evoking The War Powers Act and calling a Re-Vote. Failure to stop Donald Trump and the out of control Republicans will signal the end of America as we know it.


President Obama, we stand with you, but it is only you that still possess the power to save America from the dark hours that are upon us. It is a difficult decision for you but please remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.;


“In The End We Will Remember Not The Words Of Our Enemies But The Silence Of Our Friends. Injustice Anywhere Can Become Injustice Everywhere.” [MLK]


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