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If America doesn’t see Mitt Romney for the SHYSTER he is and they elect him President, then it would be to the United States own detriment.

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Mitt Romney’s sons wouldn’t be the ones dying for Romney and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s war mongering stupidity!


On top of that, we have spent so much money on the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and with Bush’s Policies that left us broke, where is the money going to come from to pay for yet another war.


Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had the opportunity to prevent Iran in the early stages of their Nuclear ambitions and neither of them did so. Then the unfortunate invasion of Iraq and the mess Bush made in Afghanistan left Iran opened to get as far as they did.


But, despite not being a great believer in economic sanctions, the present “sanctions” implemented by Congress, The Obama Administration and Europe, does have teeth and we need to see how it plays out. If that in the end does fail, America will stop Iran.


However, it is ill advised for Flip-Flopper Mitt Romney to be encouraging Israel into some preemptive strike while there is still a chance to stop Iran without all out War. Irrespective of Netanyahu’s big talk, if Israel strikes Iran with the “go it along approach,” they will still need America’s help because almost the entire Middle-East would be involved one way or the other. We give Israel foreign aid of 2.8 billion dollars annually. Israel doesn’t have the money to pay for anything!


Sheriff Ali


New York Times July 30, 2012

Mitt Romney backs Israeli Stance on Threat of Nuclear Iran