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Showdown – Presidential Executive Powers V. Republican Big On Mouth And Short On Brain; Irrationality On Immigration And The keystone Pipeline

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18 Months and counting John Boehner has been sitting on a bipartisan Immigration Bill that passed the Senate with 68 votes. However, Boehner brought up the Keystone Bill that passed the House and seems likely it will pass the Senate.


I am certain President Obama will Veto it which is the right thing to do. Some spineless Democrats have in the House and will in the Senate vote with Republicans in the Senate today, November 18, 2014.


John Boehner has and continues to block the Immigration Bill coming to the floor for an up or down vote because he doesn’t have Republican Support. However, the Bill can pass because with most Democrats voting for the Bill and the few sane Republican Representative’s votes, the Bill can reach the President’s Desk and be signed into the Law.


But despite the Obstruction by Republicans they are against President Obama doing his job by using his legal Executive Powers. The Republicans are fantasizing on Impeachment claiming President Obama would be violating the Constitution. Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush and George W Bush used their Executive Powers to address Immigration Policies. That is an inherent right given to all Presidents in the Constitution and by Congress. We shouldn’t be surprised because irrespective of what Obama does, to the hate mongering, deceitful, obstructionist Republicans, they would without any shame whatsoever, claim that the President is breaking the Law.


The CEO of Trans Canada conceded that Keystone will only create about 50 Permanent Jobs but yet Republicans with no concern for Carbon Emissions, somehow convinced their Voters that keystone is the greatest thing since Sliced-Bread.


The Tar/Sand Oil that Canada and the Republicans want to pipe from Canada, through the United States and into New Orleans to be shipped to foreign countries, there aren’t any financial benefits to the United States and the only contribution it will make, is to add more Carbon Emissions at a time when Climate Change is so critical.


Do you ever wonder how uninformed, out of touch or uneducated Republican Voters are? The GOP are hell bent on destroying America in order to give more to the 2% and people still vote them in Control of both Houses of Congress. Amazing isn’t it!


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Three Republican Presidents Created The Middle East Instability, GOP Blames Obama!

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Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, George W Bush and their cronies created the Middle-East chaos over a period of 20 years and the Prejudice Republicans and their followers; some Independents and even some Democrats are shamelessly casting the blame for all that ails America on President Obama.


If Gallup is correct and the Polls turn out to be fact via action, it wouldn’t be long that America would once again roll backwards, only this time “we would become a Banana Republic.”


Gallup released a Poll on Thursday that said by a 23% margin, Americans favor Republicans to better protect America and America’s economy. If this Poll truly represents fact, then it is self evident that most Americans are so uninformed, ignorant and brainwashed by Republican “material misrepresentations,” that it is fair to say, “we are getting dumber by the day.”


Without going as far back into the first Bush and Reagan Administrations and just dealing with George W Bush’s eight years 2001-2008 as President, whereby, Republicans controlled the House of Representatives and the Senate for six of the eight years, this is factually what they manage to accomplish;


Got us into two unpaid wars at a cost to date of 5.1 trillion dollars; gave two unpaid tax cuts favoring the rich of 1.1 trillion; due to lack of Regulations for Wall Street and the Banks, the Housing Market Crashed; more than 1,000 plus banks were shut down, wiping out depositors that had in excess of $100,000.00; the stock market plunged at its lowest level for which at the end of 2008 the Dow was down to 7,200; NASDAQ fell below 2,000; S & P that house most of the 401K plans down to 730; unemployment at 10.2% and our financial system in the abyss.


Under President Obama; he ended the Iraq War; the Housing Market Rebounded; unemployment is at 6.1% with 10 Million jobs created; the Dow over 17,000; NASDA at 4,800 and the S & P over 2,000 and the Banks, more stable than any time before. Forbes Magazine in their recent issue stated that President Obama is the best Economic President in modern times.


So, the question is, “are the Polls correct or is there something sinister about the Polling?


Since the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and the Senate Democrats does not have a filibuster margin, the Republican Congress have done nothing but obstruct. They have blocked just about every Domestic Bill but following Dick Cheney, John Boehner and the GOP War Mongers are criticizing Obama’s plan to deal with ISIS from the air and Iraq and other countries providing the ground troops, Boehner came out on Thursday and said that Air-Strikes is not a strategy.


From Dick Cheney, Richard Haas, John Bolton and the other cronies from the Bush Administration along with the Republican Congress, they are hedging on re-invading Iraq. What is wrong with the Republican Voter that they can’t see what their Party is all about?


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Ronald Fraud Reagan and George H W Bush era, are Crooks, Liars and Thieves and that is when America lost its Virginity. Don’t blame Obama!

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Crooks Liars Thieves


Ronald Fraud Reagan, Republicans Greek god that began the destruction of the Middle-Class and the Fracture of the Unions, were the catalyst that built America.


Reagan and Bush Sr. was head of the Iran Contra Scandal – 14 Convictions; HUD Scandal – 16 Convictions 8 Billion; S & L Scandal – 32 Convictions 1.5 Trillion Dollars. On January 20, 1993 hours before Bill Clinton was sworn in, President George Herbert Walker Bush, pardoned the Iran Contra Felons to avoid further trials that would have implicated both Reagan and Bush and they could have faced criminal indictments.


The photo attached to this Blog contains “actual facts” as attested to by Oliver North as described in the Times Magazine. Look at the Photo and you would see Bush Sr. sitting with Manuel Noriega in Panama. Bush and Reagan were buddies with Noriega in Noriega’s protection of the Columbian Cartel that provided a cut to the CIA to conduct Reagan’s illegal South American War. Bush invaded Panama in 1989 and captured Noriega, brought him back to America and had a dog and pony trial in Florida, where Noriega was convicted and served decades in Prison. This was again done to protect Reagan and Bush Sr.


The today’s Republicans are up in arms about the South American Refugee Children trying to come into America due to the violence in their South American Countries, but, they purposefully overlook that Reagan and Bush literally torpedoed South America after they had used and abused the South American countries and their Leaders. We act like we have clean hands and point the finger at others, but, we spent decades turning the world upside down.


Reagan and Bush were also great buddies with Saddam Hussein. They provided weaponry to Saddam during Saddam’s eight year war with Iran. Then when Saddam got out of control, old man Bush set a trap for the not so bright evil Saddam to invade Kuwait and that was the beginning of what turned out to be twenty-four years and counting, of our involvement with Iraq.


But, just look at the Republicans what they have been doing for the past six years; they cast blame on Obama for all that ails America. Between Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush the son and evil Cheney, the world you see upside down at present, they are the gift horses that are responsible for the chaos.


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New York Times, Theocracy in the Middle East is the reason why there is no Democracy!

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Why do you want Obama to reengage us Militarily in Iraq and supposedly compel these people to stop killing each other. This Shiite Sunni “bad-blood” has existed for thousands of years; didn’t you see enough Americans killed and wounded and Tax Payers money at the tune of 1.7 trillion down the drain and for what?


Bush and Cheney were wrong for breaking Iraq but neither they nor Obama could fix it. George Herbert Walker Bush at the end of the 1991 Iraq conflict left Saddam Hussein in Power for one sole reason; “Saddam Hussein was a secular Leader and Bush 41 had the better sense to know that if Saddam fell, the Shiites would take over and turn Iraq into another Iran Theocracy and that is exactly where we are today.


The New York Times Editorial says; “For lasting success, the United States must compel Iraq’s divisive leadership to pursue government by reconciliation just as vigorously as it pursues battle field victory.” Just how can you compel any Government in the Middle East to do anything? In one of the dumbest things George W. Bush did during his Presidency was to listen to the Vulcans Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and others, and invade Iraq in the name of Democracy.


We have a host of problems right here in our country between Right Wing and Left Wing, Conservatives and Liberals,  religious extremism from the far right and our own Politicians promulgate the drum beat and throw red-meat to the uninformed, ignorant and brainwashed Americans, for their own self gain on remaining in power and if we can’t fix that, just how do we go about rectifying someone else’s problems!


Iraq was controlled by the Ottoman Empire for decades and the British at the request of the Iraqis spent years ridding Iraq of the Ottomans only to be kicked out shortly thereafter. We spent eight years at a high cost in lives, injury and broke the Treasury trying to force Democracy down the throats of the Iraqis, using over 1,000,000 United States Soldiers and to what end.


The same Iraqi President that refused to sign a “Status of Forces Agreement” that caused us to fully withdraw from Iraq, he is the same one that made the secret request for Obama to use Air Power against the Militants. If Obama places American Troops back into Iraq and even “one” soldier gets killed, the do nothing Republicans would be calling for Obama’s head as they do every day. Obama rescued one POW and we have seen these sanctimonious Politicians on the right and the left, advocating that it was a bad deal to give up five detainees to get our “own” Soldier back.


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New York Times Editorial: