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I posted a tweet of Obama graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and the GOP TROLLS went nuts, demanding Verification of Obama’s Harvard Education. [I have 103,000 followers, both Pro-Obama and Anti-Obama @sheriffali]

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Bill Kristol, a Republican partisan and critic of Obama had the decency to verify Obama’s Harvard Records. Directly below are excerpts from Mr. Kristol’s acknowledgment, however, you can open the Weekly Standard Link below or Google Obama’s information.


Barack Obama Graduated Magna Cum Laude From Harvard


“This was an unacknowledged form of affirmative action, but just because the Law Review didn’t acknowledge it didn’t mean law firms would follow suit. Membership on the Law Review basically meant that you were one of Harvard’s smartest students. Unless you got there for some reason other than your grades. In those cases, hiring authorities would usually dismiss your Law Review membership, although they would never admit to doing so.


The only reason I bring this barely relevant history up is to show what a stud of a law student Barack Obama was. He graduated Harvard magna cum laude. This was one honor you unquestionably had to earn. It’s a very impressive feat. Back in Obama’s days at Harvard, more than 50 percent of the class graduated cum laude, a fact that made graduating “with honors” a meaningless accomplishment. But graduating magna was a different kettle of fish. Barack Obama graduated right near the top of his law school class.


That fact, along with his presidency of the Law Review, makes his uniform popularity all the more impressive. Law schools are intensely competitive places. People who thrive to an unseemly extent, as Obama did, are usually subject to an array of resentments. After all, the lawyers of tomorrow populate law schools; pettiness and insecurity reign supreme.


The people that Obama so thoroughly charmed generally weren’t the charm-prone types. I say the following as a well known Republican partisan–the fact that his classmates so universally held him in the highest regard suggests that Barack Obama may truly be a special person.” [Bill Krostol]


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