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The Texas Of Canada Just Elected A Left Wing Government. They Had Enough Of The Sanctimonious Right-Wing Extremism.

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[Article By: Emily Atkin – ThinkProgress {Dot} Org]



Something pretty crazy happened in Alberta, Canada, last night.



The province, known for its prolific oil reserves and strong conservative leanings, elected a left-wing government. Not only that, it elected a left-wing government by a landslide.



If you don’t know much about Canadian politics and want to understand how unprecedented this is, it’s useful to think of it as a comparison to Texas. As Bloomberg’s Dave Weigel put it on Twitter, abbreviations extended: “Imagine if Democrats took not only Texas Governor, but supermajority control of [the] Legislature and all state offices. That’s what [Alberta’s election] is like in Canada.”



As it happens, Alberta is “often thought as being the Texas of Canada” — that’s at least according to Ed Whittingham, the executive director of the Pembina Institute, a leading environmental and energy think tank in Canada. And just like oil-rich Texas, oil-rich Alberta is has grown accustomed to having strong conservative governance (the Progressive Conservative party has been in the leadership there for more than four decades).



Now with the votes in and counted for, Whittingham told ThinkProgress that Tuesday’s elections results would likely mean changes for Alberta’s oil country. He put an emphasis on “likely” — based on the left-wing New Democratic Party’s (NDP) policy platform, he said it’s “too early to tell” what they’ll do exactly — but there is hope for change particularly when it comes to mitigating human-caused global warming.



“What we hope they’re going to do is coming out the gate as tackling climate change,” Whittingham said. “That’s going to include somehow regulating the oil sands emissions.”



When Whittingham says oil sands, he’s talking about the thick mixture of sand, water, clay and bitumen also known as tar sands. It’s not like regular oil, and producers must use what is called “non-conventional” methods of getting it out of the ground. Those methods are more carbon-intensive, meaning they emit more greenhouse gases than regular oil production.



There are currently regulations on carbon emissions from Canada’s tar sands reserves, but according to the Pembina institute, they’re very weak. Because of tar sands extraction, Canada’s energy industry recently became the largest producer of climate-change causing greenhouse gases in the country, surpassing transportation for the first time.



Whittingham said he’s hopeful that stronger climate policies will come out of the new NDP government, because tackling climate change is a specific tenet of the party’s platform. Newly elected NDP premier Rachel Notley has said that delaying Alberta’s climate change strategy is ”profoundly irresponsible,” and has said she’d work with other provinces to come up with a more comprehensive strategy to reduce carbon emissions.



“[The NDP’s] position is that it wants Alberta to take leadership on the issue of climate change, and that’s something we applaud,” Whittingham said. “But the starting point is coming up with credible plans, and we don’t yet know what those might be.”



For now, signs do not point to radical changes, like stopping tar sands development altogether. Notley told Canadian media following her election that she planned on contacting key leaders in the energy industry to “work collaboratively” with them.



“What I said very clearly during the campaign is that, while we may believe that there’s some new consideration that needs to occur, that it will be done collaboratively and in partnership with our key job creators in this province,” she said.



One thing that’s for sure is that Notley is opposed to the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline project. She pledged to stop spending taxpayer money to lobby for it in Washington, D.C. She is, however, not opposed to other pipelines, arguing that they are a better alternative to crude-by-rail.



The environmental and energy policies Whittingham said he was hopeful for would not necessary have to do with pipelines or tar sands, though. If it were up to him, he said, he’d like to see stronger programs for energy efficiency, an acceleration of the phase-out of coal-fired electricity, and some sort of incentive program to replace those sources with renewables like wind and solar. He emphasized again that he’s not sure it will happen, but he does know one thing from the unprecedented election results: Progress is happening.



“It was very slow,” he said. “What we’re hoping is that, giving the gravity of these issues, we’re going to get to faster progress.”



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A Die-Hard Republican who finally saw the light and left the Party of shame – The GOP!

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How I finally left the Politics of Shame


I hated Government even though they were the only one trying to save me. Here is how one day I finally saw the light.

I was a 20-year-old college dropout with no more than $100 in the bank the day my son was born in 1994.  I’d been in the Coast Guard just over six months. Joining the service was my solution to a lot of problems, not the least of which was being married to a pregnant, 19-year-old fellow dropout.  We were poor, and my overwhelming response to poverty was a profound shame that drove me into the arms of the people least willing to help — conservatives.


Just before our first baby arrived, my wife and I walked into the social services office near the base where I was stationed in rural North Carolina. “You qualify for WIC and food stamps,” the middle-aged woman said.  I don’t know whether she disapproved of us or if all social services workers in the South oozed an understated unpleasantness.  We took the Women, Infants, Children vouchers for free peanut butter, cheese and baby formula and got into the food stamp line.


Looking around, I saw no other young servicemen.  Coming from the white working class, I’d always been taught that food stamps were for the “others” — failures, drug addicts or immigrants, maybe — not for real Americans like me.  I could not bear the stigma, so we walked out before our number was called.


Even though we didn’t take the food stamps, we lived in the warm embrace of the federal government with subsidized housing and utilities, courtesy of Uncle Sam.  Yet I blamed all of my considerable problems on the government, the only institution that was actively working to alleviate my suffering. I railed against government spending (i.e., raising my own salary).  At the same time, the earned income tax credit was the only way I could balance my budget at the end of the year.


I felt my own poverty was a moral failure.  To support my feelings of inadequacy, every move I made only pushed me deeper into poverty.  I bought a car and got screwed on the financing.  The credit I could get, I overused and was overpriced to start with.  My wife couldn’t get or keep a job, and we could not afford reliable day care in any case.  I was naive, broke and uneducated but still felt entitled to a middle-class existence.


If you had taken WIC and the EITC away from me, my son would still have eaten, but my life would have been much more miserable.  Without government help, I would have had to borrow money from my family more often.  I borrowed money from my parents less than a handful of times, but I remember every single instance with a burning shame.  To ask for money was to admit defeat, to be a de facto loser.


To make up for my own failures, I voted to give rich people tax cuts, because somewhere deep inside, I knew they were better than me.  They earned it.  My support for conservative politics was atonement for the original sin of being white trash.


In my second tour of duty, I grew in rank and my circumstances improved.  I voted for George W. Bush.  I sent his campaign money, even though I had little to spare. During the Bush v. Gore recount, I grabbed a sign and walked the streets of San Francisco to protest, carrying my toddler on my shoulders.  I got emotional, thinking of “freedom.”


Sometime after he took office, I watched Bush speak at an event.  He talked of tax cuts.  “It’s the people’s money,” he said.  By then I was making even better money, but I didn’t care about tax cuts for myself.  I was still paying little if any income tax, but I believed in “fairness.” The “death tax” (aka the estate tax) was unfair and rich people paid more taxes so they should get more of a tax break.  I ignored my own personal struggles when I made political decisions.


By the financial meltdown of 2008, I was out of the military and living in Reno, Nevada — a state hard hit by the downturn.  I voted libertarian that election year, even though the utter failure of the free market was obvious.  The financial crisis proved that rich people are no better than me, and in fact, are often inferior to average people.  They crash companies, loot pensions and destroy banks, and when they hit a snag, they scream to be rescued by government largess.  By contrast, I continued to pay my oversize mortgage for years, even as my home lost more than half its value.  I viewed my bad investment as yet another moral failure.  When it comes to voting and investing, rich people make calculated decisions, while regular people make “emotional” and “moral” ones.  Despite growing self-awareness, I pushed away reality for another election cycle.


In 2010, I couldn’t support my own Tea Party candidate for Senate because Sharron Angle was an obvious lunatic.  I instead sent money to the Rand Paul campaign.  Immediately the Tea Party-led Congress pushed drastic cuts in government spending that prolonged the economic pain.  The jobs crisis in my own city was exacerbated by the needless gutting of government employment.  The people who crashed the economy — bankers and business people — screamed about government spending and exploited Tea Party outrage to get their own taxes lowered.  Just months after the Tea Party victory, I realized my mistake, but I could only watch as the people I supported inflicted massive, unnecessary pain on the economy through government shutdowns, spending cuts and gleeful cruelty.


I finally “got it.”  In 2012, I shunned my self-destructive voting habits and supported Obama. I only wished there were a major party more liberal than the Democrats for whom I could vote.  Even as I saw the folly of my own lifelong voting record, many of my friends and family moved further into the Tea Party embrace, even as conservative policies made their lives worse.


I have a close friend on permanent disability.  He votes reliably for the most extreme conservative in every election.  Although he’s a Nevadan, he lives just across the border in California, because that progressive state provides better social safety nets for its disabled. He always votes for the person most likely to slash the program he depends on daily for his own survival.  It’s like clinging to the end of a thin rope and voting for the rope-cutting razor party.


The people who most support the Republicans and the Tea Party carry a secret burden.  Many know that they are one medical emergency or broken down car away from ruin, and they blame the government.  They vote against their own interests, often hurting themselves in concrete ways, in a vain attempt to deal with their own, misguided shame about being poor.  They believe “freedom” is the answer, even though they live a form of wage indenture in a rigged system.


I didn’t become a liberal until I was nearly 40. By the time I came around, I was an educated professional, married to another professional.  We’re “making it,” whatever that means these days.  I gladly pay taxes now, but this attitude is also rooted in self-interest.  I have relatives who are poor, and without government services, I might have to support them.  We can all go back to living in clans, like cavemen, or we can build institutions and programs that help people who need it.  It seems like a great bargain to me.


I’m angry at my younger self, not for being poor, but for supporting politicians who would have kept me poor if they were able.  Despite my personal attempts to destroy the safety net, those benefits helped me.  I earned a bachelor’s degree for free courtesy of a federal program, and after my military service I used the GI Bill to get two graduate degrees, all while making ends meet with the earned income tax credit.  The GI Bill not only helped me, it also created much of the American middle class after World War II.  Conservatives often crow about “supporting the military,” but imagine how much better America would be if the government used just 10 percent of the military budget to pay for universal higher education, rather than saddling 20-year-olds with mortgage-like debt.


Government often fails because the moneyed interests don’t want it to succeed.  They hate government and most especially activist government (aka government that does something useful).  Their hatred for government is really disdain for Americans, except as consumers or underpaid labor.


Sadly, it took me years — decades — to see the illogic of supporting people who disdain me.  But I’m a super-slow learner.  I wish I could take the poorest, struggling conservatives and shake them.  I would scream that their circumstances or failures or joblessness are not all their fault.  They should wise up and vote themselves a break.  Rich people vote their self-interest in every single election.  Why don’t poor people? [Story by ]



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The Subversive RNC – “Racists Narcissists Cryptococcosis,” punishing America for reelecting Obama!

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Frederick Douglass gave us the answer on September 25 1883, as to why Republican Legislators are so unrelenting on President Obama!



“Though the colored man is no longer subject to barter and sale, he is surrounded by an adverse settlement which fetters all his movements. In his downward course he meets with no resistance, but his course upward is resented and resisted at every step of his progress.


If he comes in ignorance, rags and wretchedness he conforms to the popular belief of his character, and in that character he is welcome; but if he shall come as a gentleman, a scholar and a statesman, he is hailed as a contradiction to the national faith concerning his race, and his coming is resented as impudence.” [Frederick Douglass, September 25 1883]




Ted Cruz has the best Health Insurance paid for by you – “The Tax Payers!”

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Ted Cruz and the 226 Congressional Republican Representatives and 4 Democrats that voted to strip funding from the Health Care Reform Act, their First Class Health Insurance are being paid for by you; “The Tax Payers.”


Do you ever see or hear the Politicians complaining about their Health Insurance? No! And that is because they have the best but desire the worst or no Insurance for the people that voted them into Office.


It is one thing to dislike the President, but, it is plain stupidity to buttress the Politicians that are using your uninformed or brainwashed minds, as an evil means to an evil end for their own personal self gain.


Republican Congressional Representatives in both the Senate and the House are in the pockets of big business and they are day after day, feeding you false information that somehow the Health Care Reform Act that was upheld by the United States Supreme Court, is a train wreck for you.


When are the uninformed and brainwashed Americans going to wake up and determine for themselves, what is or isn’t good for them and their children.


The facts about the Health Care Reform Act are simple;


You can no longer be denied Health Insurance if you have a preexisting condition!


Your Insurance can no longer be canceled if you or your child falls ill!


Your children 26 or under that is still living with you can remain on your Insurance!


Your fellow citizens that live in the category of Poverty, they and their children are finally able to obtain Health Coverage that is subsidized by the Federal Government!


Now, why would you support the Politicians who live like Kings and Queens from your Tax Dollars that wants to deny you these rights? In the final analysis, “why do you vote against your own best interest by keeping these people in Office?”


The Right Wing in this country that are always espousing God and Patriotism and yet seek to repeal the Health Care Reform Act that “actually” help the poor 40 Million men, women and children to finally be able to have some form of Health Insurance, I wonder how these barbaric hearts sit with the God they espouse and their disdain for their fellow Citizens?


98% of the Country is Middle-Class or Poor, and yet they repeatedly vote Republicans into office, that is against their own interest!

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The Republicans in the House and in the Senate have literally brought the country to a “standstill,” and the Majority Leader should do something about it.


There are many areas to criticize President Obama, but, there are areas where his policies have worked for the good of the country.


Look at the where the stock Market is today and contrast that with 2008! People’s 401K Plans and Pension Funds were almost wiped out, however, with the S & P doing very well, people can “live” again.


The unemployment that was so unbelievably bad, has bounced back and even though it is not perfect, unemployment today is far better than when Obama took office.


Wall Street dishonesty catapulted by Republicans indulgence to “only” protect the rich, crashed the housing market for the “working-class,” and it literally fell off the cliff, but in the recent years, we are rebounding!


America’s Automotive Industry was saved due this President and his predecessor, George W. Bush, willingness to not give a hand-out, but rather, a helping hand.


AIG – The world’s largest Insurance Company if allowed to fail it would have cost the Tax-Payers 1.5 Trillion. That too was saved and AIG have repaid all of the loans that were made by the Federal Government.


When you think about it, the House Republicans have voted 37 times to repeal Obamacare, and they are at it again, going for a 38 Vote, while other very important legislation are tossed by the way-side!


The recklessness by the Republicans does truly hurt the Middle-Class and the Poor and even though 98% of the country is in that category, they still vote these people into office! Why do people vote against their own best interest, I will never know!

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Irrespective of what one thinks about their Government, Edward Snowden is a TRAITOR! He assassinated the Tax Payers by willfully stealing property and giving it to the fiends of America!


Edward Snowden is a traitor who has forfeited his right to Due Process!

Edward Snowden took a salary at the tax payers’ expense of $200,000.00 annually and illegally copied and gave to foreign Governments, vital classified information!


Of all the places to run, Snowden ran to Hong Kong which is only Quasi Independent but wholly owned by China, whose practices is to steal vital information from United States Business and Sensitive Governmental Information, with no regard for Domestic Law for their own people and no respect for International Law. It is quite amazing how so many people including some Americans have the nerve to call Edward Snowden a HERO!


It was only fitting to charge him with Espionage as he runs from country to country. Quasi Independent Hong Kong couldn’t keep Snowden because it would affect the Chinese Economy.


Now, Snowden is in Moscow attempting to get to Ecuador; Venezuela or Cuba. I wonder why he did not make a run for the other Hell on Earth Countries; North Korea or Iran, who perpetuate unthinkable crimes against their own people!


If Edward Snowden had one ounce of decency in him, he could have quit his job and hired a Lawyer to address his concerns. But, stealing information that the Tax Payers paid for and giving it to people who privately and publicly projects such disdain for the United States, I do hope he is caught and brought back to America where he should spend the rest of his natural life, in Federal Prison.


Irrespective of how you feel about the NSA program, if you are truly an American, you couldn’t possibly support this weasel!


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India, the new Nigeria for Internet and phone Scams! It is real; don’t be a “victim!”

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Using the Internet and the United States Telephone Companies System, Indian criminals are like the locusts that are swooping over Egypt.


It seems apparent that India that has benefitted much from the West investments into “call centers; manufacturing and distribution,” not all, but a large number of New Criminals are coming out of India and reaping havoc on the American people.


I have unequivocal evidence of Indian people from India that have attempted to defraud me just over the past week. (March 5, 2013 – March 8, 2013)


I received a telephone call from a United States Telephone Number 253-235-2435 from a man who identified himself as Kevin Peterson. He had one of the deepest Indian accents and there was no mistaken that he was Indian. And this is how brazen these people have become. He said and I quote:


“I am Kevin Peterson and I am with the United States Custom’s Department. You are in big trouble and if you don’t follow my instructions, these troubles would ruin you.” [This man whoever he is had my social security number; my home address; my business address and to me, that is highly dangerous.]


 I inadvertently allowed my temper to get the better of me and I said to the man; “You are one of those Indian Criminals trying to defraud me like you have other people. I said, I am going to report you to the F.B.I. and they would find you wherever you are. At that point he hung up the phone. I immediately called the number 253-235-2435 and I got a voice message recording that says; “This is the United States Customs Office, leave a message and someone will get back to you.” The funny thing is that the voice message was made by the same man that called me with the deep Indian accent.


The other call came later in the week from 877-308-4487. This was another Indian person this time claiming to be an Attorney for USA finance Company. After reading my Social Security Number, address and other vital information, he told me that I borrowed 100,000 US dollars from USA Finance Company and I did not pay them back. He said they were going to file suit against me and the only way to stop the suit is for me to wire via Western Union, 90,000 US dollars to him. Just imagine, I have no idea who is USA Finance Company; I have no loans from any finance company or banks, and yet, with such brazenness, this person calls me. I told this man in a calm voice that what he was doing is wrong and he is disgracing his Country and that the Law will catch up with him. In a softer voice than when he first spoke, he told me he was sorry.


There were numerous other calls and attempted fraud, but, I happen to be one of the people that are aware of these crimes, because, Capital One Bank notified me in writing that I was a “victim” of Identity Theft and in many ways that helped me to be prepared to deal with the unexpected. Others haven’t. An American woman lost $39,000.00 US dollars to an Indian Shyster. The Shyster didn’t stop there, he went after a Canadian woman and that is how the authorities in America and Canada tracked him down in India, and the Indian Authorities have arrested him.


After the calls I gathered myself rather quickly and began to put the pieces together as to how to I can be of assistance to others who may have had the same situation happened to them. I checked the search engines, Google Chrome and others and if you type in India/Internet Scams, there are pages and pages of every scam that are beyond your own imagination.


I am an active member of the three Credit Reporting Agencies and I placed a block on my credit reports. Within the next day or two I am going to send a certified letter to the Indian High Commissioner in Washington D.C. There is an email address for India Times News Paper that is currently reporting on the spiraling of these scams. The address is;  In addition, there is an Indian USA Hotline for the reporting of fraud committed by Indians 800-209-6789.


The Telephone Companies and other Companies like Google that assign free telephone numbers to you if you are a member of Google plus, they are also responsible for perpetuating theses crimes. They are so busy trying to make more money than they can spend; they sacrifice your security for MAMMON!


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Pennsylvania Republican Sisters convicted on corruption! Charlie’s Angles! You think?

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These are file photos of former state senator Jane Orie, right, from Feb. 29, 2012, her sister Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin, center, from May 18, 2012, and their sister Janine Orie, 



PITTSBURGH (AP) — The story has more irony than a Greek tragedy. Three sisters from a devoutly Catholic family have seen their personal and political careers ruined by a scandal that began with, of all things, a letter to some nuns.

Thursday’s conviction of suspended state Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin along with her aide and sister, Janine Orie, on campaign corruption charges mean they might join a third sister — former state Sen. Jane Orie — in state prison. No sentencing date has been set.

The former senator was sentenced last year to 2½ to 10 years for using her state-paid staff to run her campaigns, though she was acquitted of having them campaign for Melvin, then a lower appellate court judge, who was running for the Supreme Court in 2003 and 2009. Joan Orie Melvin and Janine Orie were convicted in a spinoff investigation and found guilty of similarly misusing Melvin’s former staff and the senator’s.

Even before the convictions, their careers — and the family from which they sprang — were extraordinary. Dr. John Orie, now 90, and his late wife, Jean, raised nine children including five attorneys, Joan and Jane among them; two cardiologists; a teacher; and a human resources manager, Janine, who worked for her sister Joan Orie Melvin in the lower Superior Court before moving up with her to the Supreme Court.

“It’s all pretty unbelievable,” said John Burkoff, a university of Pittsburgh law professor who has closely followed the cases. “Whatever you thought about the Orie sisters, whether you liked or didn’t like them, you have to look at all of this as tragic.”

Jim Roddey is a prominent businessman who heads the Republican Party in Allegheny County, where Republicans are outnumbered more than 2 to 1 by Democrats and where Pittsburgh, the county seat, hasn’t elected a GOP mayor since the Great Depression.

Before 2010, when Republican Tom Corbett was elected governor, Jane Orie was the state Senate majority whip — the highest-ranking elected Republican politician not just in Pennsylvania, but also of several states in the Northeast, Roddey said. And Melvin, elected in November 2009, was one of seven members of the state’s highest court.

And now? Jane Orie resigned her Senate seat in May, and Melvin’s status on the state’s highest court figures to change, one way or another. State lawmakers have already asked her to resign or face articles of impeachment. If those are approved by the state House, Melvin would be tried by the Senate, which could remove her from office if she hasn’t already been removed by the state’s Court of Judicial Discipline.

Now that she has been convicted, Melvin has 30 days to respond to charges of misconduct filed with that court by the state’s Judicial Conduct Board. If it is determined Melvin has violated professional conduct rules or the state Constitution, or brought disrepute to the judiciary, the court can remove her from office.

Melvin’s criminal defense attorneys and her disciplinary court attorney didn’t return calls Friday. The Ories have argued the prosecution is the result of a political vendetta by Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr., a Democrat, who has repeatedly denied ulterior motives.

When the investigation first became public in late 2009, the sisters claimed they were being targeted because Zappala’s family has interests in legalized gambling, which the Ories opposed expanding in Pennsylvania.

The allegations grew uglier, when Melvin — after it was known Sen. Orie was being investigated but before the justice was charged — called for an audit of two child care centers that paid kickbacks to two judges in northeastern Pennsylvania’s Luzerne County who sent troubled youths to the facilities. The facilities were co-owned by Gregory Zappala, the prosecutor’s brother, who was never charged in the scheme and has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

To this day, some Orie supporters still believe those politics — not justice — drove the prosecution. Roddey acknowledges the sisters’ success in a politically hostile environment has something to do with that chatter.

 “That’s part of it,” Roddey said. “But the other half of the equation is that her prosecutor was Stephen Zappala, and Joan’s biggest public battle was she chastised the Supreme Court for what happened in Luzerne County.”

Whatever the motivations, two juries have now found enough evidence to bring the overachieving siblings from triumph to tragedy despite a raft of supporters — Sen. Orie spent $420 on a chartered bus to bring 50 character witnesses to her trial — and, even, efforts to seek divine intervention.

During the investigation, which centered on the sisters’ emails, prosecutors stumbled onto messages Sen. Orie and Melvin sent to the “angel lady,” a Philadelphia psychic who read her client’s written questions aloud before claiming to receive a whispered answer from an angel.

The senator and justice sought assurances from the $85-an-hour medium that Zappala’s investigation wouldn’t result in criminal charges. But rather than being touched by an angel, the sisters were undone by some nuns.

That happened in late October 2009 — days before Melvin won her Supreme Court seat — when a Senate intern complained to Zappala that Sen. Orie’s staff was doing campaign work for Melvin. The complaint centered on a letter Sen. Orie wrote on Melvin’s campaign stationery asking Pittsburgh-area nuns to vote for Melvin.

When Orie and Melvin learned of the whistleblowing intern, the senator had a staffer prepare another letter — a “cover-up” letter, according to prosecutors. This time, Sen. Orie — on her own stationery — spoke about civic events of interest to nuns but didn’t mention Melvin.

Prosecutors contend the letter was created to make it appear the intern was simply mistaken about what she saw and was never mailed. Eventually, Sen. Orie’s and Melvin’s staffs told a grand jury about other illegal campaign work done in Orie’s Senate offices and Melvin’s chambers.

“Frankly, it’s a smart group of people. How could they put themselves in this kind of situation?” Burkoff said. “This is the kind of thing we’ll be puzzling about for years.”



The juxtaposition of Obama and Romney shed light on the antithesis of who really cares about America!

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Mr. Optimist, President Obama, beat the crap out of the whining, Pontificating Pessimists, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment!


The Republican paradox that giving more huge tax cuts that favors the richest two percent of Americans would somehow help the other ninety-eight percent; is incongruous.


We have the facts on our side to prove otherwise. Former President George W. Bush’s 2001 and 2003 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich still exists today and where has it gotten us? It didn’t create jobs during Bush’s Presidency and as a matter of fact we lost more than three million jobs during Bush’s Stewardship of the economy.


We are at the edge of the financial cliff and “we” must rectify by undoing the Republican’s “pledge” to the lobbyist Grover Norquist. Just imagine, Grover Norquist introduced this pledge in 1986 and it was sanctioned by then, former President Ronald Reagan. [The Republicans Greek god]


The pledge that has torpedoed progress for America’s Middle-Class!


Below is the verbatim of the pledge and I have filled it out using Paul Ryan’s name. Mitt Romney also signed the pledge.


“I, Paul Ryan, pledge to the taxpayers of the 1st District of the State of Wisconsin, and to the American people that I will:  ‘ONE, oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses; and TWO, oppose any net reduction of elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.”  


This pledge is not for the greater good of 98% of the hard working American people, but it is about the Republicans using this pledge to sustain America’s 2% upper-class to become even richer!




Record of President Obama’s Accomplishments and not Mitt Romney and the Republicans distortions!

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1. The first bill President Obama signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, to help women fight back when they don’t get equal pay for equal work.

2. His Recovery Act supported millions of jobs and helped to stave off a second Great Depression.

3. He pushed for and won middle-class tax cuts that benefitted every American worker, and saved the typical family $3,600 in taxes over the last four years.

4. President Obama rescued the auto industry, and now GM and Chrysler are healthier than they’ve ever been. The American auto industry has added nearly a quarter of a million jobs since June 2009 — and they most likely wouldn’t exist right now without President Obama’s leadership.

5. He doubled funding for Pell Grants, helping to make college more affordable for nearly 10 million families.

6. His student loan reform ended billions in subsidies to banks serving as middlemen and reinvested those savings directly into students.

7. The President established the American Opportunity Tax Credit, worth up to $10,000 over four years of college.

8. His Race to the Top Initiative helped spur nearly every state to raise academic standards.


9. His tax cuts, social-welfare programs, and economic policies lifted nearly 7 million Americans above the federal poverty line in 2010. 

10. President Obama has signed 18 tax cuts for small businesses since taking office.

11. We’ve seen 5.2 million new private-sector jobs over the last 31 months.

12. The unemployment rate is at the lowest level since President Obama took office.

13. Health care reform — passed after decades of failed attempts by every previous President — provides affordable health coverage to every American and will lower premiums by an average of $2,000 per family by 2019.

14. Obamacare expanded access to lifesaving preventive care such as cancer screenings and immunizations with no out-of-pocket costs for 54 million Americans.

15. Obamacare ends insurance discrimination against the 129 million Americans with pre-existing conditions. 

16. Because of Obamacare, over 3 million more young adults have health insurance today than would if the new law hadn’t passed.


17. The parents of over 17 million children with pre-existing conditions no longer have to worry that their children will be denied coverage.

18. President Obama has ordered the overhaul of federal government regulations to make them smarter, practical, and more efficient. Just a fraction of these commonsense initiatives will help save businesses $10 billion in the next five years alone.

19. His historic investments in clean energy have helped more than double the amount of electricity we obtain from wind and solar sources and helped increase biofuel production to its highest level in history.

20. President Obama is doubling fuel efficiency standards, which will save drivers more than $8,000 at the gas pump, not to mention lessen the impact of automobiles on our environment.

21. President Obama has taken unprecedented action to address climate change, reaching historic international agreements to curb carbon emissions, and taking action here at home to reduce carbon pollution from our vehicles and promote clean energy production.

22. He has taken historic action to protect our environment — signing one of the largest expansions of protected wilderness in a generation and putting in place standards to reduce toxic air pollution that will save thousands of lives.

23. President Obama fought for and won landmark Wall Street reform that reins in the abuses that led to the financial crisis and ends the era of taxpayer bailouts and “too big to fail.”


24. Wall Street reform created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the nation’s first federal agency focused solely on consumer financial protection — and the Bureau is already protecting families from unfair and abusive financial practices from Wall Street banks and shadowy corners of the financial industry.

25. As part of President Obama’s commitment to transparency, the White House has posted its visitor records online for the first time ever.

26. President Obama’s all-of-the-above approach to energy has helped cut the United States’ dependence on foreign oil to its lowest level in 20 years.

27. President Obama responsibly ended the war in Iraq.

28. He announced a plan to end the war in Afghanistan and transition security responsibility to the Afghan people.

29. President Obama sent the largest security assistance package to Israel in history and funded the Iron Dome system, which is protecting Israeli homes and schools from rocket attacks.

30. President Obama rallied the international community to implement the toughest sanctions on Iran in history.

31. Through the President’s historic increases in Veterans Affairs funding, he has expanded and improved healthcare and job training access for our returning veterans.


32. President Obama negotiated the New START Treaty with Russia to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in both countries. At the same time, he also secured commitments from dozens of other countries to lock down nuclear materials.

33. His administration naturalized 11,146 military service members as U.S. citizens in 2010; more than in any year since 1955.

34. President Obama set a bold new plan for the future of NASA space exploration, using the skill and ability of the private sector for short trips to the International Space Station, while building a new vehicle for exploration of distant space, and doing everything in his power to support the economy on Florida’s Space Coast.

35. President Obama recognizes that tourism is one of America’s largest economic engines; he’s worked to encourage international visitors to come here, maintaining our security while keeping millions of Americans in good, paying jobs.

36. He has affirmed his personal support of marriage equality, directed the Justice Department to stop defending DOMA in federal courts, and took the practical and compassionate step of extending hospital visitation rights to same-sex partners.

37. He fought for and won the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, allowing gay and lesbian members of the military to serve openly for the first time in history.

38. When Congress failed to fix our broken immigration system, his administration did everything in its power to improve it, streamlining the legal immigration process and announcing a policy that lifts the shadow of deportation from hard working young immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.


39. Oh, and he gave the order to send troops in after Osama Bin Laden — and have decimated al-Qaeda’s senior leadership.