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Donald Trump Has Come To The Realization That His Phantasmagoric Rationales And Internecine Narcissistic Deluge That Won Him The GOP Nomination Cannot Win Him The Presidency!

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{Trump Statements Are Willful}

Donald Trump Cannot Win Hillary Clinton In A Debate

Donald Trump Cannot Win On November Eight

Trump Is Scared And Terrified

Trump Is Seeking To Be Disqualified!


Despite all of the condemnation of Donald Trump about not being qualified to be President for which he is not, Trump’s biggest problem is that Donald Trump knows that he cannot weasel his way in a Presidential Debate and the General Election is unlike the Primaries Selection.


Donald Trump has been and continues to be a Con Man and for the first time in Trump’s life he faces the reality that he cannot Con his way into the White House. Trump fully understands that the 13 million Votes he received that awarded him the Republican Nomination, he knows it is going to take some 65 Million Votes to win the Presidency for which Donald Trump will never get.


The worst part of this puzzle for Trump is that, his Misogyny that have caused him to literally abuse women verbally and otherwise, losing to a woman – Hillary Clinton, would be a suicidal blow to Donald Trump’s Ego. Trump is fully cognizant of the things he says such as his recent remarks about the Second Amendment and other such things as always denigrating people and country, Trump knows he is not educated and does not possess the intelligence to be President. Bottom Line – Trump Wants Out but he wants to be disqualified so that he can rationalize in his sick mind that he didn’t lose the Debates or the Election.


One would think that after John McCain’s horrible judgment of picking Sarah Palin that Republicans would have learned their lesson, but, it is not that they didn’t, but that is who and what the Republican Party is. Republicans have been peddling for decades Bigotry, Fascism, Racism, Misogyny, Hate and Racial Divide, so essentially, Donald Trump is not an embarrassment to the Republican Party; Donald Trump is an indictment of the Republican Party.


Hillary Clinton is on par to win the Presidency but we must forego complacency. Hillary Clinton will need a Democratic Senate, House and the majority of Governor’s Houses in order to implement meaningful Policies that will inure benefits to all Americans and the World.


American is already the greatest Nation on the Face Of The Earth and we can become even greater in order to help other Nations, but Democrats, Independents and Republicans must come together as a Country First and put Party Second.


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