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America is no longer a trusted Nation because of Donald Trump, the Trump Administration and 95% of Congressional Republicans that are destroying “The Fabric Of America.”

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From the moment Donald Trump became President Elect and the Republican Party control of both Houses of Congress was renewed on November 8, 2016, everything Americans fought, died and sacrificed every day, these Parasitic Parasites began to contaminate and mutilate and has now tossed us into “Stage 4 Cancer.” There isn’t any “Stage 5.”


Donald Trump, enabled by Republicans have corrupted and demoralized the United States in ways that never transpired since its inception in 1776, and the hemorrhaging continue with no abatement in sight. Trump is lying even more than he lied as a Private Citizen; Violating the Constitution every day with corruption, nepotism, treason and wrecking everything that made America great. The most difficult thing in all of this are the Republicans that always cling to being Patriots, have suddenly become bankrupt of Patriotism and they continue on their own journey of taking away Health Care, Social Welfare with their unbelievable Tax Scam that they are trying to pass off as Tax Reform.




How Did America Stoop So Low To Fall Into The Hands Of Donald Trump And Steve Bannon, Bigots, Fascists, Racists, Liars, Crooks And Un-American? What Is Donald Trump Hiding?

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To Fully Restore America’s Election Credibility And Damaged Democracy, Congress Needs To Set Aside Party And Give Priority To Country, By Carrying Out Independent, Verifiable, Bona Fide Investigation Into Russia’s Meddling In The 2016 Election; Trump Ties To Vladimir Putin And Russia and, The Suppression And Purging Of Voters, In The 2016 General Election.


Donald Trump has literally tore up America’s creditability from within and Internationally and with each passing day, Trump embarrassments becomes bigger and bigger. Unless these problems are corrected immediately, America’s Elections and claims of Democracy would be nothing but a joke to many Americans and most importantly, around the world.


New York Times – What Is Trump Hiding?


“In his short White House tenure, President Trump has already set a record for histrionic tantrums against the media — whether attacking CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times or MSNBC for revealing his 2005 tax return, as he did last week. He’s actually pursuing a well-worn path of American presidents blaming the press for their problems.


Five decades of reporting have taught me that whenever a president starts screeching about the media, it’s a sure sign he’s in hot water and fearing revelations about some policy disaster, damaging mendacity or political villainy. Even popular presidents with reputations for charming the press occasionally stoop to blaming the press for quagmires of their own making.


Today, the issues are different, of course — questions about Mr. Trump’s peculiarly warm embrace of Russia’s leader, Vladimir V. Putin, and Russian intelligence agencies meddling in the 2016 elections on Mr. Trump’s behalf. But the clash of powerful institutions is similar.


Mr. Trump’s attack on the media for publishing leaks from the F.B.I. and domestic intelligence agencies succeeded for a few days in diverting public attention from his Russian connections. He and his White House Rasputin, Stephen K. Bannon, may also reckon that by savaging the press, they can intimidate Congress into softening its investigation into the Trump-Russia link.


But the focus has swung back on the central question: What is the president hiding? If his campaign is innocent of illicit Russian connections, why not welcome the investigation and clear the air? If, as Mr. Trump said last month, his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was simply “doing his job” in talking with the Russian ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak about American sanctions against Moscow, why did Mr. Flynn lie about it?


More broadly, why has Mr. Trump evaded reporters’ questions about renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine or the Russian deployment of a new missile in conflict with a 1987 arms agreement? Why, after publication of his 2005 tax returns, does he still refuse to release his most recent returns? Will they reveal something that makes him beholden to Mr. Putin and Moscow?


No matter how much the president seeks to demonize the press, these and other crucial questions will not go away because today’s journalists are just as committed as those who covered past presidents to pursue them to the end.” NYT


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Republicans and Religion are one and the same; “Picking The Pockets Of The Middle-Class And The Poor Republicans.”

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GOP misusing the Law does it for the money and to maintain their base; Religion misusing Fear does it for the money and to pretend they are connected to God!


“It is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they are being fooled.” Since retaking control of the House of Representatives in 2010, be honest with yourself, Republicans haven’t done anything in the House or the Senate to help The American People, whether or not you are Republican or Democrat.


If President Obama had listened to the Republicans, American Soldiers would be fighting in Ukraine from the War the Republicans were promulgating; and our Soldiers would have been entangled in the midst of Civil and Religious Wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, and perhaps a dozen more countries.


Republicans have blocked in both the Senate and the House every piece of legislation to fund “Domestic” programs, but have and are willing to vote for any and all things having to do with War. The GOP have denied extending Unemployment Insurance that our Returning Veterans depend on; they have blocked the 21 Billion Veterans Bill; They have slashed and complain every day about Food Stamps for which the Veterans depend on to supplement their income, but, Republicans want to send Americans to War and create more Veterans when they refuse to take care of the 23 million Veterans we have at present.


From Kenneth Copeland to Benny Hinn, Paula White and others with their “Mega-Churches,” they have been embroiled from one scandal to another; they live high off the Collection-Plate while the Poor keeps on giving whatever little they have. The Poor gives because from the Pulpit the Preachers says; “If you don’t have is because you don’t give,” and naïve hardworking, struggling people, take whatever little they have and toss it into the Lion’s plate where it is devoured by those men and women calling themselves men and women of God. I am no Atheist, but I do know that “God has never been and will never be a Religion.”


Every Religion was founded by fallible men and are used by fallible people to satisfy their avarice for Mammon and Power! Just take a good look at the Republican Politicians that are always espousing Religion and Country and then, look at their deeds; they are Christians bankrupt of Christ and Patriots bankrupt of Patriotism.


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Some in the GOP and FOX NEWS continued drum-beat to Impeach President Obama is all about Obama being 50% African American!

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Republican Politicians, Fox News and their “Trolls” have a difficult time seeing a 50% Black Man, his Wife and Two Children “living in their WHITE HOUSE.”


President Obama graduated from Harvard Magna Cum Laude; The GOP and Fox should explain what that means to their “Trolls” that constantly call Obama; dumb; stupid; the worst President ever, in order that the Trolls understand who is really the “dumb one.”

Most people know that to impeach any President the House of Representatives have to establish that President Obama committed Fraud, Bribery, Perjury and High Crimes and Misdemeanors. In 1998 64% of Americans were opposed to the House impeaching former President Bill Clinton, however, the House went ahead and did impeach Clinton, but the measure that requires 67 Senators to sanctioned the impeachment in order to remove Clinton, failed in the Senate. Even some Republicans in the House and the Senate were against such a move.


The right-wing rouges that call themselves Congressional Leaders would perhaps most certainly take such a risk; however, the more stable Republicans in the House and in the Senate, their reluctance would be that “they might be opening up a can of worms.”


One fact that is certain, if Republicans had proof that President Obama had committed Fraud, Bribery, Perjury, High Crimes and Misdemeanors, the actual impeachment process would have taken place, rather than the “empty can with the marble inside making the impeachment noise.”  


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Critics of President Obama’s Policies: Phantasmagoric rationales and internecine narcissism are not facts! JOBS!

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Every day and night, GOP right-wing Radio, TV and Print News and their followers are always trashing President Obama with assertions that Obama has or is destroying the country. These people are perhaps most of the time just willfully pernicious, or they are uninformed, ignorant or brainwashed from the Politicians that are using them.

Notice of how the Republicans are always running down the Federal Government, but at the same time they lie, cheat, steal and are most unethical, making every attempt to get elected or keeping their jobs with the Federal Government. As for the GOP Party, they use every method to gain control of the White House, Senate, House of Representatives and appoint extremist Judges like Clarence Thomas and Antonia Scalia to uphold their irrational agenda.

Red States controlled by Republicans are the poorest in the nation and rather than implement laws and pass bills to help better educate the children; help the poor and better their States, they pass outrageous Gun Laws hiding behind the Second Amendment to the Constitution. In those States people are ignorant and even with the little money they have; they go out and purchase more Guns. There isn’t anything wrong with sane people owning Guns, but to spend money you cannot afford to purchase Guns, you have got to be dumber than the door nails in your homes!

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