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Under Donald Trump And The Republican Controlled Congress America Started Moving On A Path Away From The Peace, Prosperity And Stability That Have Defined The Past 75 Years

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[WAPO] “In economics, as in life, things often take longer to happen than you think they will and then happen faster than you thought they could. So it may turn out with the catastrophic international economic policies of President Trump. It is possible that last week will be remembered as a hinge in history — a moment when the United States and the world started moving on a path away from the peace, prosperity and stability that have defined the past 75 years.


For all that has gone wrong in the past three-quarters of a century, this period has witnessed more human betterment than any time. The rate of fatalities in war has steadily declined, while growing integration has driven global growth and improvement in life expectancy and living standards. Progress is too slow, and not well enough shared, but Americans have never lived so well. This has been driven by remarkable developments in human thought, especially in science and technology, and a relatively stable global order that has been underwritten by the United States.



Will these trends continue? Optimists have suggested that despite the revanchist and often anti-rationalist rhetoric of his campaign, Trump has in the international sphere surrounded himself with rational establishment advisers and has either retreated or been stymied by Congress on proposals such as launching trade wars and building walls.


Until last week, they had a reasonable argument. No longer. We may have our first post-rational president. Trump has rejected the view of modern science on global climate change, embraced economic forecasts and trade theories outside the range of reputable opinion, and relied on the idea of alternative facts rather than evidence-based truth.



Even for conservative statesmen such as Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Henry Kissinger, the idea of a community of nations has been a commonplace. Come now H.R McMaster, national security adviser, and Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, who have been held out as the president’s most rational, globally minded advisers.


They have taken to the Wall Street Journal to proclaim that “the world is not a global community” and advanced a theory of international relations not unlike the one that animated the British and French at Versailles at the end of World War I. On this view, the objective of international negotiation is not to establish a stable, peaceful system or to seek cooperation or to advance universal values through compromise, they wrote, but to strike better deals in “an arena where nations, nongovernmental organizations, and businesses compete for advantage.”


In service of this theory, the president in the past two weeks renounced any claim to U.S. moral leadership by failing to convincingly reaffirm traditional U.S. security commitments to NATO and abandoning participation in the Paris global climate agreement. The latter is probably our most consequential error since the Iraq War and may well be felt even longer.

There will be consequences to all of this, as there were to the pursuit of short-term advantage rather than systemic stability at Versailles. One does not need to subscribe to pessimistic versions of Graham Allison’s “Thucydides Trap” as it relates to worries about how China as a rising power may fill the vacuum left by the United States.


How, after the events of the past week, can U.S. adversaries and allies alike not follow German Chancellor Angela Merkel in concluding that the United States is now far less predictable and reliable? How can the responses be other than destabilizing?


It is essential that leaders in U.S. society signal clearly their disapproval of the course the administration is taking. History will judge poorly business leaders who retain positions on Trump administration advisory boards because they hope to be in a position to cut favorable deals. Elon Musk of Tesla and Robert Iger of Disney have taken the correct and principled stand by resigning their presidential appointments. More should follow.


What is to be done? The U.S. president is not America. The world will be watching to see whether Trump’s words and deeds represent an irrevocable turn in the nation’s approach to the world or a temporary aberration. The more that leading figures in U.S. society can signal their continuing commitment to reason, to common purpose with other nations, and to addressing global challenges, the more the damage can be contained. And, of course, Congress has a central role to play in preventing dangerous and destabilizing steps.”


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The Environment – Mapping The Invisible Scourge! Why The Paris Climate Summit Is Significantly Important!

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Bill Gates And President Obama To Make Historic Announcement At The Paris Climate Summit For Major Funding For Clean Energy!


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|From The Economist


Pollution Is Even Worse Than Thought!

THE capital’s “airpocalypse”, the choking smog that descended on Beijing in the winter of 2012-13, galvanized public opinion and spooked the government. The strange thing is, though, that information about air pollution—how extensive it is, how much damage it does—has long been sketchy, based mostly on satellite data or computer models. Until now.


Responding to the outcry, the government set up a national air-reporting system which now has almost 1,000 monitoring stations, pumping out hourly reports on six pollutants, including sulphur dioxide, ozone and (the main culprit) particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in diameter, or PM2.5. These are tiny particles which lodge in the lungs and cause respiratory disease.


The six are the main cause of local pollution but have little to do with climate change, since they do not include carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas. Scientists from Berkeley Earth, a not-for-profit foundation in America, have trawled through this recent cloud of data for the four months to early August 2014, sieved out the bits that are manifestly wrong (readings where the dial seems to be stuck, for instance) and emerged with the most detailed and up-to-date picture of Chinese air pollution so far.


Pollution is sky-high everywhere in China. Some 83% of Chinese are exposed to air that, in America, would be deemed by the Environmental Protection Agency either to be unhealthy or unhealthy for sensitive groups. Almost half the population of China experiences levels of PM2.5 that are above America’s highest threshold. That is even worse than the satellite data had suggested.


Berkeley Earth’s scientific director, Richard Muller, says breathing Beijing’s air is the equivalent of smoking almost 40 cigarettes a day and calculates that air pollution causes 1.6m deaths a year in China, or 17% of the total. A previous estimate, based on a study of pollution in the Huai river basin (which lies between the Yellow and Yangzi rivers), put the toll at 1.2m deaths a year—still high.


The sliver of good news is that pollution levels are better in some places than in others. They are worst in the corridor between Beijing and Shanghai and least bad in the south (see map—the study covers China east of 95ºE, accounting for 97% of China’s population), probably because that area was washed by monsoon rains during the period of the study. More importantly, levels of PM2.5 in large western cities such as Chongqing and Chengdu are about half the national average. Figuring out what they are doing right would be a first step towards reducing the smog elsewhere.


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GOP Governor Bobby Jindal: “Racism wouldn’t exist if minorities would just act like “White People.”

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It’s incredibly pathetic and sad when a politician with so much promise decides to pander to the most hateful elements in our society. In the aftermath of the 2012 election, Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal declared that the GOP needs to “stop being the stupid party.” However, that moment of sanity, and Jindal’s political career, went down in flames on Sunday after he blamed minorities for racism in America, claiming that racism wouldn’t exist if they would just forget about who they are and start acting more like white people.



In an op-ed published by Politico, Jindal lashed out at minorities to mark the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech. Instead of standing up against the many acts of racism that have been perpetrated by his own party and by conservatives around the nation, Jindal declared that minorities are responsible for the racism in this country.




To translate, it appears Jindal is actually blaming minorities for causing white people to be racist towards them, and is calling on minorities to end racism by conforming to American life as white people see it. In short, minorities should be more like white people if they want racism to stop.



So rather than call out the blatant racism of his own party, Jindal essentially decided that he’d be better off committing political suicide by pandering to the racists within the GOP to curry favor with them as we move toward 2016. This is yet another example of a Republican blaming victims for their own oppression. In reality, racists will not stop being racists if minorities decide to do as Jindal suggests. That’s because racists hate minorities simply because of the color of their skin, and that includes Jindal, which is why he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever capturing his party’s nomination for president.



Hypocritically enough, not even a day went by before Jindal violated his own call to action and proudly accepted being referred to as the first Indian-American Governor by David Gregory on “Face The Nation.”


 Racism isn’t getting worse in America because minorities aren’t trying to act more white. It’s getting worse because a major sect of the Republican Party is clinging to their own Southern heritage, specifically the part where slavery, segregation, and legal discrimination were completely acceptable. Because of many policies in GOP-controlled states, minority communities have been isolated and basically segregated within the law. From ThinkProgress:


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India, the new Nigeria for Internet and phone Scams! It is real; don’t be a “victim!”

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Using the Internet and the United States Telephone Companies System, Indian criminals are like the locusts that are swooping over Egypt.


It seems apparent that India that has benefitted much from the West investments into “call centers; manufacturing and distribution,” not all, but a large number of New Criminals are coming out of India and reaping havoc on the American people.


I have unequivocal evidence of Indian people from India that have attempted to defraud me just over the past week. (March 5, 2013 – March 8, 2013)


I received a telephone call from a United States Telephone Number 253-235-2435 from a man who identified himself as Kevin Peterson. He had one of the deepest Indian accents and there was no mistaken that he was Indian. And this is how brazen these people have become. He said and I quote:


“I am Kevin Peterson and I am with the United States Custom’s Department. You are in big trouble and if you don’t follow my instructions, these troubles would ruin you.” [This man whoever he is had my social security number; my home address; my business address and to me, that is highly dangerous.]


 I inadvertently allowed my temper to get the better of me and I said to the man; “You are one of those Indian Criminals trying to defraud me like you have other people. I said, I am going to report you to the F.B.I. and they would find you wherever you are. At that point he hung up the phone. I immediately called the number 253-235-2435 and I got a voice message recording that says; “This is the United States Customs Office, leave a message and someone will get back to you.” The funny thing is that the voice message was made by the same man that called me with the deep Indian accent.


The other call came later in the week from 877-308-4487. This was another Indian person this time claiming to be an Attorney for USA finance Company. After reading my Social Security Number, address and other vital information, he told me that I borrowed 100,000 US dollars from USA Finance Company and I did not pay them back. He said they were going to file suit against me and the only way to stop the suit is for me to wire via Western Union, 90,000 US dollars to him. Just imagine, I have no idea who is USA Finance Company; I have no loans from any finance company or banks, and yet, with such brazenness, this person calls me. I told this man in a calm voice that what he was doing is wrong and he is disgracing his Country and that the Law will catch up with him. In a softer voice than when he first spoke, he told me he was sorry.


There were numerous other calls and attempted fraud, but, I happen to be one of the people that are aware of these crimes, because, Capital One Bank notified me in writing that I was a “victim” of Identity Theft and in many ways that helped me to be prepared to deal with the unexpected. Others haven’t. An American woman lost $39,000.00 US dollars to an Indian Shyster. The Shyster didn’t stop there, he went after a Canadian woman and that is how the authorities in America and Canada tracked him down in India, and the Indian Authorities have arrested him.


After the calls I gathered myself rather quickly and began to put the pieces together as to how to I can be of assistance to others who may have had the same situation happened to them. I checked the search engines, Google Chrome and others and if you type in India/Internet Scams, there are pages and pages of every scam that are beyond your own imagination.


I am an active member of the three Credit Reporting Agencies and I placed a block on my credit reports. Within the next day or two I am going to send a certified letter to the Indian High Commissioner in Washington D.C. There is an email address for India Times News Paper that is currently reporting on the spiraling of these scams. The address is;  In addition, there is an Indian USA Hotline for the reporting of fraud committed by Indians 800-209-6789.


The Telephone Companies and other Companies like Google that assign free telephone numbers to you if you are a member of Google plus, they are also responsible for perpetuating theses crimes. They are so busy trying to make more money than they can spend; they sacrifice your security for MAMMON!


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