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Stupidity At Its Best! Al Qaeda Indian Subcontinent Operation attempt to take over an American Aircraft Carrier turned out to be a humongous embarrassment. These Evil Idiots Need To Find A Productive Life Instead of Trying To Get To The 72 Virgins!

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Failed terror plot. These are three words that al-Qaeda doesn’t like to hear. People around the globe love that news. But Americans will be particularly happy about it today.


Members of al-Qaeda’s newest branch in the Indian Subcontinent had planned to attack and take over an American aircraft carrier last Saturday in Karachi, Pakistan.


 Fighters of the Islamic terror group branch that was unveiled two weeks ago had planned to storm an American aircraft carrier at a Karachi port, but found a Pakistani Navy ship in its place, The Telegraph reports. The attackers suffered heavy casualties as the Pakistani Navy easily overpowered their attempt. Three of the al-Qaeda fighters were killed and seven were arrested according to Pakistani officials. Two Pakistani Naval guards were wounded.


To start, their plan to actually seize an American aircraft carrier was completely laughable in the first place since they’d have to overpower over 3,000 American servicemen and women with a small group.


According to a source interviewed by The Telegraph,



It was a complete failure, they did not do any kind of damage, some were captured and we caught more, seven so far and may be more to come. They were well-equipped and came with the intention of taking a ship into their custody but they were caught in the initial stages.


Of course, when al-Qaeda announced responsibility for the attack on the 13th anniversary of September 11th, they tried to spin it as a near-victory in which several of their fighters were martyred. They claimed that the fighters were former members of the Pakistani Navy.


“The Naval officers who were martyred on Saturday in the attack in Karachi were al-Qaeda members. They were trying to attack American marines and their cronies,” the statement said. Al-Qaeda also claimed to have briefly taken control of the ship.


If this was al-Qaeda’s way of trying to compete with ISIS in the race to be the most dangerous terrorist group in the world, getting their asses totally kicked by Pakistani sailors won’t help their cause. [Huffington Post Telegraph]


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