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The case for Bombing The Syrian Government!

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The Proof of evidence that warrants bombing Syria are the thousand plus dead women, men and children from chemical warfare that is indisputable. For those who have always wanted to belittle Obama and the Democrats that are most of the time “spineless,” if we, who are always claiming to be the Leader of the World and are always perpetuating Human-Rights, Democracy and Freedom for all just sit by and do nothing, then, the worst is yet to come.


And it wouldn’t only be in and from Syria, but Iran, North Korea and the disenchanted and envious South American Countries that are buttressed in their hate for the United States, by our nemesis, CHINA and Russia! Both China and Russia are no friends of America, they are ruthless to their own people and the only agenda on their minds “is the overloaded avarice for power to usurp the United States.” God help us all if they ever achieve their goals.


As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently stated; “injustice anywhere could become injustice everywhere!” The Talking-Heads in the media and the always whining disrepute should just shut up and allow the President and his Military Advisors to handle this matter. Since becoming President, Obama has always shown himself to be the reluctant warrior and seeks no fanfare of warmongering.


It is insane to compare former President George W. Bush with President Obama! Bush threw us in unforgiving waters and Obama threw us the lifeline and rescued us!


Deplorable Human Tragedy!

Deplorable Human Tragedy!


If your white teenager son was killed by an African American Man and found not guilty by an all African American Female Jury, what would you think?

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If you as a white person was the Parent of a 17 year white male teenager that had gone to the store around 7PM to buy candy and a soft drink and on your child’s way back home, an African American Man stalked your child; called the Police and told the Police that he saw a suspicious looking person that was up to no good.  And the Police told the African American Man they are dispatching a patrol and that he does not need “to follow your child,” but, your child ended up being dead under the same circumstances as did Trayvon Martin, and the Police even though they handcuffed the African American Man, five hour later they released him., what would you do?


Then through friends, families and other people demanded via the Media for the arrest of the African American Man and they finally arrested him and charged him for 2nd degree murder.


And during the “voir dire” the Prosecution and the Defense agreed on six (6) African American Female Jurors. Then subsequently, the trial proceeded exactly like it did in the George Zimmerman Trial. Next, the Jury went into deliberation for 16 hours and 10PM at night they announced they came to a verdict.


The Court then read the verdict and said;


“We the Jury find the African American Man, not guilty!”


Would you become introverted like Sabrina and Tracy Martin and never show yourself in public or make a public statement? Would you just settle and say, the Jury has spoken? Would you sit by without any reaction while one of the Female African American Jurors in an Television Interview said; “Your teenager, contributed to his own death; that the Male African American had all legal rights to shoot and kill your child, and that the African American Man did the only thing he could do and that is, kill your child in self defense.”


If you are really a parent and you are sincerely honest, it would be nice to hear your truthful answer as to what you would do and think?


What you would do? How would you react? Would you say that “race” was involved in the targeting and killing of your child and the not guilty verdict by the all African American Female Jurors?